The Golden Scarab of Osiris

August 23, 2012
By Tomii SILVER, Nairobi, Other
Tomii SILVER, Nairobi, Other
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Prologue: The Golden Scarab of Osiris
Wednesday, 8th June 2005
London, England
Darkness swept across the streets of High-street, Cleckenwell in the city of London. The yellow glow of the streets light did little to shed off the dark of the night.
A black and dark tinted sedan tore across the departed street and came to a screeching halt opposite the London Museum.
Two people, a man and a woman dressed in crisp black two piece suits and black patent leather shoes got out of the sedan and crossed to the other side of the road.
The man was conspicuously tall, well built with deep set eyes, strong check bones and smooth fluffy hairs.
The woman too was tall, six feet one, with a beautiful curvaceous body, and oval lovely face, luscious lips, brilliant blue eyes and high firm breasts. He long black hair flowed down to the shoulder – complementing her beauty.
‘The museum is closed.’ The confused guard at the entrance to the museum said to the two in a deep voice. What an elegant couple wasdoing here at the middle of the night, he wondered.
‘I know.’ the man replied.
‘You do? Then how may I help you?’ the now puzzled guard asked innocently.
‘I am Sisero, the messenger of the underworld, and you are dead.’
The man raised his hands high in the air, he began twisting and turning them as if he was holding onto something in the air – something invisible and crushing it… the guard felt an invisible hand grip his neck and begin strangling him… the man put together his arms forcefully… the guard felt the grip on his neck tighten and the pain grow… the man tightened his hands even more… the guard felt excruciating pain run through his body and he fell hard on the ground and breathed his last – he was dead.
‘That was quick.’ The lady remarked.
‘Thanks Maxima, what did you expect?’
‘Hmm, I forgot that you were Sisero.’
‘Damn, the door is locked.’ Sisero shouted out loud as he tried to twist the door knob.
‘I’ll help you with that,’ Maxima said as she touched the doorknob and the door creaked open.
‘How did you do that?’
‘Lest you forgot, I am also a Carnal.’ She said as the two got inside the museum.
Sisero and Maxima were agents of the Order of Carnals, a dark brotherhood on an even darker mission – to open the gates of hell.
‘S***! More damned guards!’ Maxima said as three guards holding colts in the ready come rushing at the two intruders and topped about ten yards from them.
‘Put your hands up or we will shoot!’ One of the guards ordered.
‘What are you waiting for, shoot assholes!’ Siseroroared back.
‘I said hand up.’ The pissed off guard braked once again.
‘Shall we proceed Maxima?’
‘With pleasure.’ Maxima replied.
‘You dared us!’ the irate guard shouted as he and his colleaugues pulled the trigger.
Click! Click!
Heavens... nothing! They shot again… click! And again… click!
This was the weirdest thing that the guards had ever seen in their lifetime… the colts slowly began bending towards them… and then, they didn’t know how it happened but the colts were now pointed at them.
Gun shots rent the air as the three guards sprawled to the ground draped in blood. It had been in their wildest imaginations that they thought that they would fire the gunshots that would kill them.
‘Yummy.’ Maxima remarked as she licked the blood that she had wiped off one of the dead guards.
‘Let’s dance.’ Sisero said as he walked through the corridors of ancient artifacts to the staircase that led to the basement floor.
He scanned around for anything worthwhile. He saw nothing that interested him, he was not a treasure hunter wash he? He was a dark agent. He kept his price on the target though – the golden scarab of Osiris.
He climbed down the fleet of stairs and made it to the underground floor. It was pitch dark.
‘Sisjelura ele ventura.’ He mumbled in yemunatongue ,the tongue of the Carnals.
Whoosh! Flames erupted on the wall all around the dungeon illuminating the dark room to reveals what could easily be mistaken for an ancient Egyptian palace - Scattered all over the room wee magnificent relics, jewels of the queens, treasures of pharaoh and golden cups of the ancient palaces.
He looked around him and his attention was caught but a large esophaguscovered in a layer of thick brown dust. A grimly lit lid of the ancient coffin revealed a smoothly polished glass surface beneath, with parts of it etched with hieroglyphics.
Perfect, Sisero said to himself as he finally saw what he had been looking for all this time – draped within the glass casing on the ancient coffin was the golden scarab of Osiris, the Egyptian go of the underworld.
‘Ferosica ile tuero.’ He mumbled under his breath and the glass casing shattered into pieces… the golden scarab rushed past the grimly lid into the waiting hand of Sisero.
‘The police have arrived.’ He heard a female voice echo in his mind.
‘Then let’s dance.’ He said in his mind.
‘We sure will.’ The voice ringed back.
Sisero caressed the scarab with his fingers and smiled to himself . He ran up the stairs… the golden scarab was very important to his master as it would help him unravel a cosmos old secret – the gates of hell.
‘Hello lovely,’ Sisero said as he patted Maxima on the back to awaken her to his presence.
‘Hello handsome.’ She answered as the two walked to the door.
They walked out of the museum to the world of blazing sirens and pointed guns, two police tricks were parked outside the museum with more than twenty officers aiming their guns at the two.
Maxima snapped her fingers and a brilliant invisible green armor covered the two of them, who got their heels and ran for their sedan.
The police officers fired rapidly at the escaping couple who somehow seemed to be immune to their gunshots.
The sedan’s door automatically opened and Sisero threw the scarab into the back seat and dived into the front seat, Maxima jumped in after her.
The car roared to life…
‘Get the goddamned thieves!’ they heard a police officer yell at his awe-stricken officers who jumped into their trucks and set out after the sedan.
As the police trucks set off in hot pursuit another black sedan that had lay about fifty minutes all through the entire shootout slowly hit the road trailing the police tricks at a safe distant. The occupant, a man, smiled to himself, his services would not be needed tonight for his agents had proven themselves worthy.
‘Yes!’ Sisero shouted as he kissed maxima lightly on her left cheek, - the car seemed to be driving itself.
‘We need to tell the master.’ Maxima said as she straightened herself on the front seat.
‘You are right, the master must know.’
Sisero cleared his mind off all thoughts and began concentrating, all his thoughts were now on his master – Jabin,. He was trying to think of him and penetrate into his mind. Somewhere in the United States, Jabin would feel somebody try to enter his mind and he would let him, that way they would communicate – they were telepathic.
‘Master, we got it.’ Sisero finally said in his mind when he was sure that his master had let him in.
‘Good job.’ He felt a cold husky voice in his mind.
‘Thank you.’ He replied. If only he had known that his master was some hundred meters behind him…
The police trucks with their sirens out loud were inching closer and closer to the black sedan. The police officers were rapidly firing at the sedan… and then something out of this would happened… the sedan vanished into the thin air,
The police officers had never been more shocked.
The other sedan behind the police tricks also vanished.

The author's comments:
This is the prologue to the novel Gates of Hell, co-written with Brandon Nyamwega Mochama.
The Carnals are on a divine mission - to open the gates of hell and only the Brotherhood of St. Michaels can help them - but then, time is running out.

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Tomii SILVER said...
on Dec. 10 2013 at 1:40 am
Tomii SILVER, Nairobi, Other
5 articles 0 photos 2 comments

Favorite Quote:
My pen, my ink, my stuff

Thanks Tim,  I am working on making it full length novel

Timothy said...
on Aug. 25 2012 at 11:53 am
This is a very great story... i loved it

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