Siren's Song

August 14, 2012
By Kalinabelle BRONZE, Ardmore, Oklahoma
Kalinabelle BRONZE, Ardmore, Oklahoma
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The moon is bright and shining
Come and see me in my meadow
We shall dance beneath the stars
I shall sing for you all night long
Come and see me in my meadow

The man never stood a chance. My mother's voice and her beauty could have even the strongest man running and begging to do her will. The human men will jump off ships and swim as far as they can, past jagged rocks and creatures that would terrified any being who wants to live. But they never care and they always died for it. I spend my days walking between their rotting corpses. The birds pick them clean eventually but there are so many bodies and not enough birds.
"Zarah, come here." My mother calls me. I went to her side right away. Stopping your song before the human's dead or on our island is very rare.
"Yes, Mother?" I asked, looking up to my beautiful mother. Her's is a elegant beauty, not wild like some of the other sirens. She has long blond hair, that falls in soft curls, and eyes that look as if the very sea is looking at you. She is tall and slender as well but that is common place in our kind. I can only hope I'll look and sound like her when I have finished growing.
"Finish the song, bring him to our island." She smiled at me and I knew I could do this.
The stars are shining above us
Lighting your way
So come and see me in my meadow
Come dance with me under the stars
Come and see me in my meadow
Come see me, my prince
The man disappeared beneath the water and did not come up again.
"Very good, my daughter. But you must work on making him believe that he must get to the island. The will of man can make impossible things possible. And there is no purpose to him dying in the sea."
"Of course, Mother. But-" I pause, I should I bother my mother with a question when she has already told me the way should be?
"Ask your question, so long as it is not a stupid one." She did mean that. I was thrown into the sea once for asking a question I should have known the answer to. I should have, but I did not. I love the sea, but I cannot swim well yet and being thrown into it made my punishment very effective.
"We sometimes cast some of the corpses into the sea, to give thanks to the creatures below and Phorcys. Why is it a waste for the man to die on his way to us. He would have died soon as it was."
"Because when we give the bodies to the sea, we are giving a gift. When a man dies coming to us, it is not a gift and we have wasted our efforts." Mother walked away then, leaving me on the edge of a cliff, looking out at the sea.

The author's comments:
My friends and I have been writing a script for a short film and I wrote this as part of the background story for one of the characters.

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