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July 11, 2012
By tigersaur BRONZE, Bmt, Texas
tigersaur BRONZE, Bmt, Texas
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Chapter 1 : Part one

I gaze out the back window of our trivial home as I always have. More accurately, I gaze out the back window of my parents’ home. This region has never felt like home to me. And not only because I haven’t yet reached the age of sixteen.
A lot of children are still underage and living with their parents, merely waiting for the day that it is their turn to leave and start a new life, their real life, in the region of their own Zodiac Sign, of course. But, for now, this is their home. They have a place where they’re accepted and feel comfortable. And are loved by those who are dear to them. My time here on the planet has been filled with no such things.
--- --- ---

The soft diffused light of the early June sky is peaking out from behind the horizon. I always fancy this time of day when the sun doesn’t expose the harshness of the city. The sweet bliss of twilight.
I avert my eyes and take the few short steps to travel across the room. I share the quarters with my older sister, Aurora, and I’m careful not to wake her. A scarlet colored bandana waits for me in a dresser drawer where it spends its nights. I grab for it and feel the familiar silky smooth texture. Like usual, I tie it around my forehead slightly angled down to the right. It only does the job halfway, so I comb my chestnut brown bangs over the rest of my face. The natural reddish tinge in my hair is brought out even more by the fabric’s hue. But at least the intricate and prominent Scorpio markings are concealed.
When I was a small child, just learning how to walk, I remember being viewed differently by people. Even then, I was gawked at by passers-by where ever I went. I was shot icy glares of jealousy and looks of astonishment. A simple trip to the market would make me feel like a two bit carnival act. So, sometime around the age of six, I decided enough was enough. That I was tired of being treated differently by complete strangers. But hiding my unique markings doesn’t fix everything. I am still a Scorpio. And there is nothing I can do about that.
I slip quietly out the backdoor and head toward the forest. I like it there. Its serene and beautiful and most importantly, secluded. Far away from people. From the judging. From the expectations and responsibilities. I lie in my usual spot on a moist patch of top soil and new grass. I look up at the morning sky through the trees. A bird glides by and gently lands on the edge of a nest.
“I bet it doesn’t have to worry about its Zodiac Sign,” I say aloud. “Lucky b****rd.”

The author's comments:
This is part one of chapter one of a YA novel I've written. I would love to get some feed back! Please review and comment honestly.

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