Blood Battle

July 9, 2012
By Nickolas BRONZE, Goffstown, New Hampshire
Nickolas BRONZE, Goffstown, New Hampshire
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The sound of police sirens and the buzz of helicopter blades grew louder as I ran towards the carnage that awaited me. I knew what I could expect to see when I arrived, bodies scattered throughout the square all completely drained of blood with some ripped and mangled into chunks and pieces lying on the ground, and was scared to all h*ll as to what horrors I would see and come to witness. But Maria had to be stopped and I was the only one who could end her rampage for blood with minimum casualties. I stopped running and found my self in the middle of the road, people were running frantically in the opposite direction of where I was heeded, fear in their eyes like that’s all they knew and was all they were good for. Seeing that fear in their eyes I felt such guilt that I wanted noting more than to put an end to my immortal life.
A helicopter passed over head, search light beaming down onto the ground below temporarily blinding as its light fell on me. I could hear the sound of guns being fired, fallowed by the sound of men screaming. I headed towards the sounds with caution sensing that the scene I would be witnessing would be like a battle ground complete with its very own blood and corpses. I was about to round the corner when a body was flung past my head and landed in the alley just a few feet from where I was standing. At first glance it seemed as those the person was just one of those people who are unbelievably skinny but as I looked closer I noticed that his skin was pushed up against his bones and was dry and all shriveled up like a prune or a raisin. Fear crept into my heart and mind as to what I would see if I made the decision to continue on this path and put a stop to the carnage, or walk away and live with the fact that I'm a coward.
“Don’t back out now you are the only one who can stop her.”
“Right now is no the time I wish to hear you talking. You are only making my fear grow even more.”
I knew that what it was saying could be true and that I was in fact the only who could end my loves murderous rampage but I liked to think that someone else might be able to avert this disaster that I created out of my own foolish longing. I looked down at the corps and saw in his face the fear. The fear that ones life was rapidly and suddenly coming to a close and there’s nothing they can do. I took a deep breath rounded the corner and I was met with a horror out of h*ll, corpses in piles and mounds strewn across the square. All looking the exactly the same, skin dry, thin and frail constricting around the bones and muscles. Cars turned on their side and upside down, smoke spewing from the engines and cabs. Some had bodies hanging out the windows or still strapped in their seats, their skeletons charred black from the flames.
I could not believe what I was seeing nor could understand how my love had gotten this strong to cause this much damage. The only conclusion I could come up with was the amount of blood intake she must have had. Seeing all the hundreds and possibly almost a thousand if not more dead bodies I can only guess how strong she has to be, stronger by far than me. Police cars and SWAT vehicles were lined up in the middle of the streets forming defensive barriers for the officers to seek to protection. But it seemed to have little affect on them trying to put an end to the chaos at hand for the ground, in a mix of mangled pieces and shriveled up corpses, lay at least more than ten dozen police officers and SWAT team agents. Those who remained were tending to the wounded and moving bodies out of the way for incoming reinforcements. A new wave of men in full body armor leaped from the back of armored vans, guns raised they formed a line behind the wall of cars. Upon order they began to release a torrent of bullets and the tips of their guns flared with light and smoke. I fallowed their line of sight to see what they were shooting at.
Clinging to the side of a building about five stores high was a woman, her long blond hair blowing in the wind in her hands was a young child screaming and squirming in her grasp. She bit down on the child’s neck and in seconds it looked like the rest of the deceased that littered the square. She dropped the carcass and let if fall to the ground where it hit the ground and indented itself into the pavement. A shower of bullets fell upon her and she began climbing up the side of the building out of range of the incoming projectiles. She continued to climb until she reached the very top of the building where she disappeared from site.
I was about ready to go after her when I herd the sound of ear-piercing screams fallowed but guns going off. I turned and looked from where I was hiding and saw the officers and SWAT team getting torn apart. Their limbs flying high into the air and landing yards away form where they were tossed. Rivers of blood trickled out from underneath the squad cars and formed pools in the low points on the asphalt, while some of it drained into the gutters. I know it was wrong but seeing all that blood and having the scent of it in my nose aroused in me the sensation of thirst and I most likely did in fact need to drink for if I could not persuade my love to stop what she was doing then I would have no choice but to fight her and if it came to that I would need all the strength I had just to make her stumble backwards. So I was relying on my talking to her that would end the onslaught of an entire city, or worse.
“You have too much faith in the plan to talk to her when she is too far out of your control. You have only one option. You have to kill her!”
“What if I can’t kill her? You saw through my eye what she has done and what she is capable of, how on earth am I supposed to… kill her, when she is now far stronger than me?” the words tasted like poison in my mouth that made me want to puke, but that was no longer possible for me to do.
“You created her, you can end her.”
“What makes you so sure that I can?”
“You and her are the same, same strengths and weaknesses all of which you know of.
“If you know them as well as I do than you know that the list of strengths is far superior to that of weaknesses.”
“But the impacts of said weaknesses upon the individual are just as superior to the effects of the strength and knowledge and usage of both is enough to make a difference in this situation.”
I knew that it was right; I did have the tactical advantage over her for my knowledge of pros and cons of being undead and in knowledge has always been a good friend of mine when it came down to stick situation such this. But even if I was right I also knew that I if the time came when I had no other choice but to truly kill her I knew I would not have the guts, nor the heart to kill the only one who has come back from the dead by my blood. How a parent could be forced to make the choice to kill their own children when it meant the loss of hundred and thousands of other people’s lives, one life in the place of millions.
I knew what I had to do but I was going to try it my way first instead of its way then if that didn’t work I would do as it had advised. I walked out from behind my hiding place just as Maria was ripping of the arms of an officer who had a gun in his hands pointed at her heart, like it will bring her down. I approached her slowly with caution not wanting go to fast and have her turn around and add me to her collection of corpses. As I got closer I had the sense that something was not right with her and it wasn’t the fact that she had killed what looked to be a third of the cities population in mere minutes. She had a new aura about her that I couldn’t quite place. Her actions were graceful and stunning yet harsh and sinister and it set me on edge, her hair had a sort of lust to it that with the slightest of movement it shimmered like gold in the lowlight. As she turned around to face me I saw her eyes were as blue as the Caspian Sea, her face was flush and as flawless as ever with spots of rosy red coloration on he cheeks. If there was a model of a dark angle I was looking at right know.
“You”, she said as she looked me straight in the eyes. I felt even more at unease as she gazed at me unrelentingly. I had to be careful if I made the wrong move at the wrong time I would end up looking like one of the shriveled up courses.
“Yes, my dear.”
“Why have you come here?”
“I have come to help you; you are out of control with…”
“I am not out of control. I have never felt more in control in my life look at all I can do.”, gesturing to the carnage about her. “No one can harm me, bullets can’t touch me, not a single person alive can match my strength, and with every person I drink from I grow stronger and faster.”
“Those are accomplished feats indeed but take a look around you. Look at massacre you have condoned is all that power really worth the lives of millions just so you can lift a car above your head and dodge a bullet seconds before it touches you. Trust me it is sometimes better to have brains than barons.”
“How would you know, I bet you’ve never even tasted this kind of power. The power to do anything you wanted when ever you want.”
“Yes I have, and I thought I could control it but I was wrong, like I was wrong when I made the choice to turn you when I saw you stumble like I drunkard out of that bar, and when I thought I would be able to help you control your thirst. Everything I thought I could do I couldn’t and now I have paid the price of my foolery”
A look of complete shock fell across her face and she backed away from me, “It was you? You were the one that attacked me and killed me that night. I thought you saved me.”
“Yes, it was me”, I felt so ashamed admitting that to her. “I wanted someone to be my companion someone I could spend eternity with. I had failed so many other times that with you I was desperate. I’m so sorry my dear. I never…”
A look of rage came across her beautiful face, “Don’t call me that!” she screamed at me. “You used me for your own petty reasons, took advantage of me and KILLED ME!”
“I’m sorry Maria I never wanted things to turn out like this”, extending out my hand towards her. “But please let me help you. Let me teach you how to control yourself and then I will leave you alone, never to see or hear of me again.”
“No! I will not fall pray to your gentlemanly act again. This time it’s going to be the other way around”, with that she lunged at me like a giant cat straight out of H*ll and hit me square in the chest, sending my flying backwards half the length of football field and crashing into one of the concrete walls of the nearest building. I was covered with debris and the air thick with dust. After climbing out of the wreckage I looked up and saw Maria charging in my direction.
“You fool. I told you, you had too much hope in your plan to talk to her and any chance you had at killing her as gone out the window.”
I didn’t listen to it I simply ignored it and ran, ran as fast I could. But it did not seem to help for in no time she was no longer behind me but standing right in front of me. I hit her head on and we fell in to the harbor. It took my eye seconds to adjust to my surroundings but those seconds I could have used because I saw her swim towards like a shark fangs drawn hands at her sides like fins. Luckily I got out of the way in time grabbed her by the leg and tossed her back on the dock and then made a beeline for Staten Island. I approached the island as fast as I could and when I landed on shore I was surprised to see that she was not right behind me. I looked about me waiting for her to ambush me and felt a little relieved that I had lost her momentarily. But my reprieve for death was short lived for I saw her jump out of the water like a fish when it’s on the line and launched herself right at me. She landed on top of me and I felt her teeth sink into my neck.
I felt my blood count lessen in seconds. I took a rock that was lying in the sand and took it and hit her in the head. She released me and I took this opportunity to break free of her hold. I got up and took on a fighting stance. I had never been much of a fighter but I had to try to stall her. I had a plan in my head as to what I could do but the hope I had in it was lesser than that of the first plan. When she collected her self she looked at me and the rage and anger in her eyes was enough to even scar away the devil himself. She came at me full on and I used my knowledge of how I saw her fighting the officers to my advantage. Stayed two steps ahead of her and tried not to fall into her grasps again. If that happened it would mean light out for me.
She was fast and with the blood she had taken from me in her veins I was surprised at how well I was doing. But I could tell that all this dodging and ducking was making her even more mad and I couldn’t get cocky with myself I had to stay focused on the fact that no matter what I did I was going to die, and it seemed to help. I forgot I still had the rock in my hand and when she was in mid-swing with right arm I took the rock in my hand and pitched it at her with all the strength I had left right on the side of her head. She stumbled backward and fell to her knees. I jumped on top of her pining her to the ground she was still dazed but I knew I wouldn’t take long for her to regain consciousness. I extended my fangs and bit down on her neck. At first my fangs would not puncture her skin but on the second try her thick hide gave way and I felt a fountain of blood shoot up into my mouth as I began to drink.
There was so much power in her blood it was hard to believe and I felt myself getting stronger by the second. I drank as fast as I could but after a few seconds she began squirming and kicking. I couldn’t drink her dry for fear of not going to be able to control myself afterward. When I had taken what I needed I let her go and got up. Standing there watching her get up as well and not even as make a stumble but got up just gracefully as I had saw her walk in the square.
“Did you think you could drink from me all the power I gained in your absence and just do away with my body and forget about everything you did to me?”
“It’s not too late Maria I can still make things up to you and help you to control what you obviously can’t overlook.”
“Too late? It was too late when you made the choice to kill me and resurrect me to be your wife for all time without end. You even said you regretted it. Well the only thing I am going to regret is having killed all those people in order to kill you. Talk about one life verses millions of others.”
Again and again she attacked me trying to get a grip on me so she could sink her fangs into my skin and drain me of my immortality. Her reflexes were clearly a good deal slower than before, I had hardly any trouble dodging and blocking her incoming attacks and attempts to wring my neck. Although she was not showing any signs of weakness I sensed I form of urgency in her attacks for they were becoming less and less on tactics and more on survival. Yet she was still not giving me an opening in her defenses to where I could strike a blow and end everything.
We battled like this for hours while I tried to make sure no more people saw us she didn’t seem to care all that much and tried push me out of my comfort zone and into the eyes of the public so the whole world could watch us battle to the death. From far of I herd the sound of a helicopter coming in our general direction and I tried to push her into the water so they would see us but she pushed me back onto the island. It became clear to me that she had no idea it was headed our way and it dawned on me that this could bring about the opening that I had been waiting for. I saw it before she did as it swerved around the torch of Miss. Liberty and shined its search light on us for a brief minute which caused her to look up and forget our blood battle. The light temporally blinding the both of us but when my eyes adjusted she was still looking up at the helicopter. Her hands made into fists at her sides.
I took this opportunity and launched my attack which through off guard. I kicked her in the stomach and she keeled over trying to catch her breath. I then came up behind her, took hold of her by the hair and jumped in the water. The light if the helicopter fading away the deeper I swam when we were in pitch darkness I let go of her hair and swiftly grabbed both sides of her head and twisted it sideways one way then the other and ripped it clean off her shoulders. Blood clouded the water as it escaped her body. I caught her head and body from sinking to the bottom of the bay and I swam fare away from the city.
I resurfaced roughly ten miles from the city and walked onto a sandy beach where I dropped my loves corpse in the sand and sat down next to it. Watching the waves forever roll in with the tide. I looked down at my hands and was surprised to find them covered in blood. I walked to go wash them in the salty water. Walking back to where I sat before and seeing her lying there, blood soaking into the ground and running of into the sea. I turned to look away from my love and gazed out at the sea again. The sun was beginning to rise on the waters horizon and I was in no hurry to go any where. After having been so much only to realize that this life was not longer worth living but standing here and waiting for the rays of the sun to cook me where I stood would be the easy way out of things. I turned and started walking down the beach parallel to the water away from her. I knew that in a few minutes there would be nothing left of her but a pile of ash.
“See now that wasn’t so hard to do now was it?”
In truth it really wasn’t and I felt nothing for having killed her and seeing all those people in the streets. I was over everything and I could just move on and forget about it all. But that was the problem it was all too easy.

The End

The author's comments:
This is the final chapter to the story I hope you enjoy reading it as i did writing it. I plan to turn this short story into a full on novel one day since the idea of it is probably my best so far. But for now this is all i have. I also took down some of the previous chapters for editing so enjoy the ones that are up and hopefully Ill have them uploaded asap.

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