July 1, 2012
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It was a nice day in Gizberland and the people were really happy because the spring festival was to be held that day. Gilbert and all the others were busy getting ready for the big event. “Eh, there what you up to, digging in me land?’’ asked Gilbert suddenly in a very loud voice so that it may reach the ears of the tiny creature digging in gilberts land. The creature answered not and ran as fast as its small legs would carry it and oh for some unlucky reason of it’s the creature stumbled down tripping over its own tail which was half as long as its body. The creature had a small round snout which was lightly pink and had whiskers connected to it. The creature’s front paws were very petite (which means small in French.)And so were its back paws. It had very small and pink ears. As the villagers came near it the creature looked up at them in the most innocent way you had ever seen but that didn’t change the way anyone else looked at him. “Ahhh serves you right for avoiding me question. Now tell me why were ya digging in me land? What ya name lad?” Gilbert the guinea pig was anxious to know and so were all the others in the village who were guinea pigs too. The creature got up straightened himself and said “I am the great lost son of the king and I was looking for the ring I buried under ya land and may I dear say I couldn’t find it there at all and couldn’t go on with me work as ya startled me really much I say. Did ya by chance find it somewhere?If ya did please give it. I need it so that I can go back. Ya can call me Starlo.” Gilbert and the villagers were very surprised to hear that this was the lost prince of Gizberland and they all started to bow to him and asked him what he wanted and obeyed his every order. Soon Starlo gained the trust of the guinea people of Gizberland and told them that a nearby nation was coming to invade them and that they must fight them and that to fight them they must build a big ship to escape in case they will have to flee. So the innocent people made the ship and filled with everything they needed for the whole village. On the day finished the work the Starlo told them that he made them a treat and they all ate but none of them knew it contained something to make them sleep and he went to every house took all the valuables without thinking about the people, boarded the ship and ran away from Gizberland . In the morning the people found the prince missing and the boat missing too and they thought that he might have run away and when they searched their houses they found nothing left in it but the walls. They went straight to the king and told him about this and the kind hearted king said that since they did so much for his very bad, stupid and cruel son he would let them all live in his kingdom and be treated like his own children. He also told them that he will no longer seek for his lost son as he had come home, deceived his people and run away and that he could never be called a son of a king. Starlo’s journey wasn’t successful as there was a small hole in the bottom of the ship which no one knew about the ship began to sink and though starlo did everything to stop it he couldn’t. He could have gone swimming to shore but he was too greedy and wanted to take his valuables with him and he drowned together with the valuables and the ship and the guinea people of Gizberland lived very happily.

MORAL: Greed and trickery never wins but honesty and generosity receives all.

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