The Inner Self

July 1, 2012
By TheCarlz BRONZE, Goodland, Kansas
TheCarlz BRONZE, Goodland, Kansas
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She flopped down on the purple sheets and grabbed her fluffiest pillow.
“God, not another night like this.” She cringed and buried her face deep into the pillow. The insecurities were coming out yet again. Hot angry tears slid from her face and buried themselves within the fabric. She hadn’t even done anything, it was just the night. She felt herself fall deep into a pit of loneliness. She hit rock bottom and sat up still clutching the pillow to her chest. It was always dark here, except for herself, her inner self.
“Stupid, stupid, stupid.” A voice chastised from the darkness. She closed her eyes and tightened her grip on her pillow.
“I know, but I really did try this time.” She cried out desperately. She really had, everything she had done lately was to fit in, her hair, her makeup, even her body, but a hermit crab can change its shell but on the inside it is still the same ugly crab.
“Exactly, you are just an ugly crab, who can’t do a thing right.” Heels clicked across the rock floor a beautiful woman stepped from the darkness into view, she shined with a menacing red light. “I’m left to rot in here, left to rot in a socially awkward, fat crab.” She looked down at the girl with utter disdain. “How have you managed to stay alive this long, I mean really it truly surprises me. I was shocked you were able to make friends.” She sneered cruelly. “Well maybe they aren’t your friends maybe they just took pity on a little crab like you.” The girl sniffed and tried to bury herself in the pillow.
“They like me, I know they do.” She lifted her head to revile the red and puffy eyes.
“Oh please, if you disappeared who would care? I mean who actually listen to you except for me.” She leaned down and whispered to the girl. “Who would even care?” With that whisper she disappeared leaving the girl in the dark to stay by herself with a damaged heart and a broken confidence.

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