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June 29, 2012
By Meg Hagerty BRONZE, River Forest, Illinois
Meg Hagerty BRONZE, River Forest, Illinois
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The only things on TV was stuff like, “buy our new and improved- or Apple is back better than before- or even our brands don’t even force you to bend down and plant.” There is literally nothing on TV except commercials that make simple tasks even simpler. My grandma used to tell me about what life was like in the year of 2012. She said that people used to get surgeries to enhance their looks or even to change their own gender! That seems very strange because the town Doctor, Professor Moreno, had just recently come out with pills that you take twice a day to get the required looks you desire instead of getting surgery. We argue that things now and then were very unnatural. Now the pills are just one’s daily medication; to cure ugliness. People have really started to gain weight due to the fact that there are hovercrafts so people don’t even have to move or touch the ground to move. She thinks it’s absolutely crazy that there is a better smart phone than a Samsung Galaxy. Just everything in life has finally become so easy that it’s not very fun anymore to deal with life. For example I enjoy walking my dog but now there is an automatic dog walking robot that does the job for me. The world was a much better place before pills or medications could grant your every wish. It seems that inventors these days in the year of 2065 think that pills can solve any civilian’s simple life problems.

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