July 6, 2012
By Thakore101 BRONZE, Parsippany, New Jersey
Thakore101 BRONZE, Parsippany, New Jersey
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BOOM! The front door of the orphanage slammed shut with a THUD! “Kids come down right now!” bellowed the angry cook.

I got up quickly and saw a dab of strawberry on my right hand. Then I licked it off and EWW, it tasted very salty. Quickly I bolted down the stairs and to my horror, I saw Mrs. Sunflower dead in a pool of blood.

Then it hit me like a baseball. “That was a dream, wasn’t it?” I thought to myself. If it was real then the knife was in my room. Oh-no. If someone finds it, I am done for. This was my only chance to run but the front door was blocked by a man who was as big as a sumo-wrestler. “Would not want to mess with him,” I thought. The stairs were my only escape route so I sprinted to them as fast as I could.

Behind me, the cook bellowed, “Xavier, come back!” Also I heard the heavy footsteps of everyone following me and before I could stop myself, I was stuck on the roof. I jumped for my life and found myself in the stable.

I unchained the horse and rode away. All I saw behind me was the sign that said, California Orphanage.

As I wandered helplessly and old man appeared in front of me. He said, “My name is Mr. Phil and I will take you in as my own son.”

I croaked,” Thank you kind sir,” and I was brought to a ramshackle hut this man called his home. He took me in and fed me some soup. I was great and I had not eaten decent food in days.

Finally, he started to speak, “Who are you? Where did you come from?”

“I do not know,” I replied.

“Then let me tell you,” Mr. Phil said.

“You know who I am?” I inquired.

“Yes I do and you must be quiet if you want to find out,” he said. “Your parents were some of the greatest people I had ever met until Lord Quanel killed them.”

“What, you mean the leader of the Warlocks? That was in one of my child stories back in the orphanage.”

“Lord Quanel is as real as you and me and stay quiet. He killed them just as he killed the rest of us Wizards. Yes child, I am Lord Phileous of the Wizards and your parents were Wizards too. We are all in hiding and you will now become one of us. Go to sleep now and meet me outside at the break of dawn.” With that, Mr. Phil walked to his room and left me to sleep on the couch.

At dawn, I met Mr. Phil outside. He was with another woman who was holding something. “Hello. My name is Alyssa but you can call me Allie,” she replied in a tender voice.

“Allie is my most senior advisor and she will be your mentor,” Mr. Phil said. He then handed me the stick that Allie was holding and said, “This is your wand, use it wisely.”

Suddenly, Mr. Phil vanished into thin air and Allie started teaching me. After ten days, Allie said, “That is all I can teach you and you have the brilliance of your parents in terms of learning magic and spells.” That was the night when it happened.

As I was sleeping, a gruesome looking man in a dark cloak said to me, “I am Lord Quanel, Phileous killed your parents and the time has come for you to take revenge. When you awake, kill him and come to my orphanage. Together we will rule the world.” With that, he left and I awoke. With my wand, I walked into Mr. Phil’s room. I used the fire spell and burned him alive. Then I ran to the orphanage.

Once there, I went upstairs. Nobody was here anymore and it was completely barren. My room was empty too except for one chair and on that chair was Lord Quanel. “Glad to see you could make it,” he said. “Show me some of your skills with the wand.” Then I showed him everything. He finally replied, “Impressive. I am your new mentor and I will make you a master in dark magic. From this day onward, you will be known as Lord Spearo.”

For many long and treacherous days, I studied the dark arts. Then the day came when Lord Quanel said, “Where are the Wizards, we must find them all this time and kill them.”

I replied, “I can only bring you to one of them, but she is very useful to Lord Phileous. With interrogation, we will find the whereabouts of all the others.”

Lord Quanel replied, “Lead the way.” With that, I used magic to summon a griffin who carried us all the way to Mr. Phil’s home. We were faced by a big surprise once there. All of the Wizards were lined up with their wands ready and pointed at us.

Within a second, the spells were sent in humongous numbers. Even so, their spells were no match for our dark magic and the number of Wizards was decreasing in large amounts. Finally, Mr. Phil arrived and stopped the battle. He then said, “That filthy trick of yours could never kill me Xavier!”

I replied, “My name is Lord Spearo and you will die now.” Then I realized this was my chance. I created a blade with my wand and slit Lord Quanel’s throat. “There is only room for one Warlock leader and that is me,” I said.

“You were always a Wizard like your parents. I killed them and I…,” Lord Quanel said before he went into an everlasting sleep.

Mr. Phil said, “I told you and now you will pay for making the wrong choice.” The battle continued and more and more Wizards died. Then, Lord Phileous turned his wand into a celestial sword and took action.

He charged at me and we had an intense battle. After many long hours, Mr. Phil’s sword was stuck into Lord Spearo’s leg. Then Lord Spearo exclaimed, “What happened to my magic? What is happening?”

Mr. Phil answered, “My weapon is celestial so you cannot use any magic. To think two wonderful people like your parents could have a child like you,” tears poured down his cheeks like a waterfall over rocks as he said, “You must have been switched at birth! Now you will have a consequence for all of your choices.” Soon after Mr. Phil said his harmful and truly horrible words, a big, wooden pole appeared behind me and a strong rope tied me onto it. The rope was so tight that I was not able to even move my wrists.

After moments of waiting, I heard the spell I used to set Mr. Phil’s room ablaze. That was when I smelled smoke and felt my legs start scorching. The heat source ran up my whole body as the pain intensified. Then it reached my neck and my I felt as if my legs were gone. As the heat source reached my eyes, I saw orange for a second and then everything went black.

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