Dragging Down the Roads

Lisa’s parents were the first ones to drag her. They each took a hand and set out on the road to Internship. Lisa pretended to be avid about the Internship just to keep her parents happy and seem affable to them. The road seemed rather smooth except for several stops that she had to make.

The first stop was Application, which her parents let her go briefly inside. Lisa was troubled in Application so her parents came in and helped her. When she finished in Application, her parents picked her up and dragged her again.

Lisa was dragged into many Email signs. Email signs required a stop. If Emails went ignored, then they would run into construction sites, which slowed down the trip. There was also a possibility for a ticket, which were high prices forced on travelers. However, Lisa stopped at all Emails, even when her parents didn’t see the sign and continued on.

After many hours of the road with no Emails, Lisa’s parents loosened their grip on her hands and started to wander and doubt that they were on the right road. Suddenly, a large fluorescent Email appeared which pointed them to Interview up ahead. Without a moments delay, the couple sprinted down the road to Interview, leaving Lisa shaken up from their brutal neglect.

Lisa had to enter Interview alone so her parents released her. With nowhere to run, she went into Interview and left dissatisfied. Interview was a difficult stop but her parents were anxious.

They continued on the road anxiously stopping at every Callbox and forcing Lisa to speak to Interview workers. Lisa did as she was told realizing her own two feet would not get her far if she tried to run. Due to her lack of freedom, Lisa started to feel like a hostage.

Finally, they arrived at another Email, but this time a woman waited with a whistle and balloons. Lisa’s mother screamed with excitement and Lisa feigned elation. This long road left her exhausted and she just wanted to see the end. But it wasn’t the end; in fact it was merely the beginning. The woman exulted Lisa’s progress and encouraged her to continue right down the road to Internship.

With Lisa weighing down heavier than ever, they slowly made it to Internship: the final destination. Even though her parents did not appreciate her lethargy, they left her at Internship and paraded off while she stayed and slaved. Life at Internship was rather insipid and Lisa became weak and jaded even though she knew Internship was her métier.

One day at Internship, Volleyball Coach knocked on the door. Lisa answered and was blind-folded and dragged by the hand once more. When Boss saw Lisa being taken away he begged and pleaded that Volleyball Coach leave her, but he didn’t dare go after Lisa since he didn’t offer her money.

The road to Varsity was very bumpy and shaky. Lisa was bruised from the stones known as “Conditioning Stones”. The most arduous part was being dragged with one arm. Lisa felt that her one arm that was being dragged would be torn, leaving her lost on the road to Varsity. Lisa did not appreciate Volleyball Coach’s temerity, but she felt too helpless to speak up about her discomfort. She knew that Volleyball Coach would simply leave Lisa behind if she dared complain.

Even with the long process, Lisa made it to Varsity. She was happy she could settle in and not be dragged. However four representatives from School knocked on Varsity’s door. Lisa answered it and knew she was in trouble. The four grabbed each of her limbs and carried Lisa. Volleyball Coach was not happy, so she ordered all Varsity to hold on to Lisa. Varsity and School had a heated debate, which caused both sides to reach a feasible compromise.

From then on, Lisa was dragged form School to Varsity each day, and she hated it. One day, Lisa’s mom and SATs showed up at School. School and SATs respected each other, but Volleyball despised SATs. Now four parties were fighting for Lisa. It didn’t help that a new place opened up down the street: Boyfriend.

All parties grabbed Lisa’s body and started pulling on different parts. School and SATs fought for the head because they wanted the brain. Mom went for the torso so that she could try to hold Lisa all together. Varsity fought for the arms and legs while Boyfriend tired to get between School and SATs for Lisa’s face.

By the time they were done there was no Lisa left and they were all dissatisfied. With so many different roads and so many people in demand, Lisa couldn’t please everyone. Worst of all, Lisa was dragged with no one caring that she knew how to walk.

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