June 18, 2012
By Dylan.Burkhart SILVER, Evansville, Indiana
Dylan.Burkhart SILVER, Evansville, Indiana
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Evil, and vile creatures. I would almost call them demons. They kill my friends, my family, and others like me. They slaughter us just to feed, and strap us to machines just to drink our fluids. They are the single most grotesque things that I have ever encountered in my entire life. They put us together in fields, and make us live together. If you would call the lifestyle that we live, living. Not me, I escaped the place that they had me. I was free to not have to face the wrath that they were going to bestow upon me.

Ever since I got away I became a hunter. I hunt down these creatures and destroy them. There are many ways that you can kill them, but I prefer a stake through the heart. It is the most in your face action that you can take on these vile creatures.

Now, things have gotten very personal. It was not just those like me being killed, it was one of my own. That thing that was holding me, has gotten to my sister. She was slaughtered like it was nothing. Now it is time for my revenge.

I stood outside of this creatures lair. We live outside, but these things live in a shelter. It is not natural either, they build it with nature. They destroy nature, and use it for themselves. I was going to barge in and take care of him right there.

I kicked the door and watched as it flew open. I stormed in, and went straight towards his room. This creature did not even know that I could speak, so when I went in it took him by surprise. I yelled, “You are the creature that killed my sister. Not to mention the fact that you killed, and machined up my friends. You are going to die here. For the crime of turning my sister into steak, hamburger, and beef I kill you.” I yelled as I plunged the stake into his heart.

On this day, I killed the human that created my hatred.

The author's comments:
What if they thought like we do?

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