June 16, 2012
By Aynjil BRONZE, Pune, Other
Aynjil BRONZE, Pune, Other
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As usual... I was unable to sleep.I tossed and turned and sighed and twisted in bed , but I kept feeling something was wrong. But what? I sat up abruptly, staring out at the starry sky. Well.. my homework was in order. I had fed my cat,Iris.Mom and Dad were fine. So what was bugging me?Oh yeah, i thought warily, it must be the new house. We had just moved here a month ago.Our house is a very old two story one. It usually gave other people the creeps, but not me. I'm not afraid of anything. Me, I'm a complete tomboy. Haunted house? Haha.But somehow, tonight was...different.Wind blew in through my window, coursing through my room. An owl hooted outside. the sky was pitch-black. Feeling a bit uneasy, i got out of bed,feeling for my slippers on the creaky wooden floor.Time for some yummy hot cocoa.The passageway between my room and the kitchen was only dimly lit by a small yellow light bulb.Nevertheless I walked on, humming a song.Suddenly, I felt chills down my someone was watching me. I turned, surveying the passageway with my chocolate colored eyes.I heard a sound like shuffling and broke out in cold sweat.. which was really unusual for me. Where's this noise coming from?i thought, my eyes wide. Slowly, i walked in the direction of the noise. I followed it to the basement. That's funny, I thought,has a skunk or raccoon snuck in? The wind howling outside, the creaking of the wooden floorboards and the eerie still atmosphere-it was all too strange. Suddenly, i heard a sound like...someone sobbing!I quickly made my way to a door towards the back. shivering as i turned the knob. I really did'nt want to do this... but i was curious.I swung open the door...and gasped! Crumpled in one corner and crying her heart out ,was a girl with long brown hair, wearing a pale pink dress .for some reasons there were broken chains all over her shoulders, head and legs."Oh, my God!" I cried . "are you all right?"The girl turned to look at me with piercing red eyes. Wait. Was she.. Transparent?? I could see the wall through her! How could this be? "No", sniffled the girl. "Go away".I took a step forward."please tell me whats wrong!" The girl's eyes narrowed. "I said, 'go away'"! She took a deep breath and blew at me. black smoke poured out of her mouth and engulfed me. I started coughing,waving my arms , my eyes smarting.When the smoke cleared, somehow, i was standing in the middle of my bedroom, bewildered.

The author's comments:
this is my first piece. hope you like it :)

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