The monster

June 19, 2012
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Let me tell you about a monster in my town that eats a lot of town people.
Let me begin.
The hungry vulture was keeping watch for prey that night in the cemetery, sudden dark shadow swept across the bright moon momentarily blocking its light. The flapping wings of the terrified vulture could be heard throughout the state and it made everyone tremble.
Cries of agony from the woods haunted everyone’s hearts. Dense gloomy trees made a shadow of a bonny ghost trying to engulf you in the moonlight and then a man who knew not of the danger in the woods walked through it hoping to go home early to see his loving wife and children. Suddenly a man like a brooding monster jumped on him. The monsters next prey was an old lady lost and finding her way but after eating the old lady the monster grew weak as there was not much nutrients in her and the old lady was not so strong herself.
So the monster with great regret and anger went back to correct its error by eating someone younger and stronger. That is the fearful end of our story and I dear say I don’t think I’ll live to tell what happened to the beast as I feel danger close at hand........

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