the child

June 14, 2012
By Frozenfromfeels1 PLATINUM, Cinncinati, Ohio
Frozenfromfeels1 PLATINUM, Cinncinati, Ohio
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My name is celeste (which means heavenly) and I am the child of Artemis meaning I am a demigod. Even though my mother and her band of hunters who have taken a pledge to never fall in love with another man and in thus taking this pledge we become immortal but my mother wanted herself to live on inside someone else and so as the pledge says you must never fall in love she didn’t she found herself a mate and I was born. As the other hunters help raise me I grew up knowing every inch of nature I spent my whole life being just like my mother the goddess Artemis, I became almost as good as my mother I did learn from the best. “Celeste honey come here and watch these mainlanders and mortals”. Called my mother Artemis from behind a bush. We found it fascinating to watch the mainlanders and mortals walk about the streets and do he mortal stuff they do. “Mother how come there is never any children to play with”? My mother looked at me and said “honey what about Annabelle she is only 13”? “No mother I mean a child around my age which would be 11 or 10 because I’m 10”. My mother thought this over for a minute and sighed “fine you may play with some mortal children but I will have some of my best hunters watch you to make sure you do not get into any trouble ok”. I sighed this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind but I take what I can get “ok so when can I go to meet the mortal children of today”? “At any time that Annabelle and caprice are ready to take you down and watch you”. I go over to Annabelle and caprice (which means unpredictable) “so are you guys ready to take me down to meet other children my own age”? both Annabelle and caprice look tired and Annabelle answers me “celeste would you mind if we went down tomorrow we are all tired and wish to rest tomorrow we shall take you if your mother says it to be ok”. I sighed “fine ok”. I went to go find my mother to ask her if I can meet the mortal children tomorrow instead of today “mother can I go and play with the mortal children tomorrow instead of today?” My mother looked at me and said with a smile “I don’t see why not, now get some sleep and I will have caprice or Annabelle wake you when the children are out playing”. I grinned and gave my mother a big bear hug and then went to where my mother had set up my tent next to hers and went to sleep looking forward to the next day. I woke up to someone shaking me It was caprice she never talks but maybe someday she will she can be quite unpredictable. “Is it time for me to play with the mortal children now”? She nodded and I smiled super excited about meeting other children my own age. I put on a brand new outfit my mother got me and I brushed my hair and I was rushing down the hill that separated us from the mortals and Annabelle and caprice came behind me making sure they were invisible to mortals. There was 2 girls and 3 boys there one of the girls noticed me and waved me over “hay person I’m mai what’s your name?” “I’m celeste and I’m new here my family and I just moved here”. “Well welcome to spring city I’m mai and that is Chandra and that is drew and Jared and Luke.” I smiled at all of them we played for hours and after a while it was getting dark and I saw caprice and Annabelle motion for me to come back my time was up. “Today was fun we will have to do this again soon but my mother needs me goodbye.” I wave goodbye and run up the hill caprice and Annabelle following behind me. When I get back to my mother she asks me “so how was your day with the mortal kids?” “It was a lot of fun mother.” I reply with a grin “can I do this again soon?” she smiles at me and replies “I don’t see why not but not tomorrow whenever you are available you can ok.” I nod today was a very fun day for me.

The end

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well the child of Artemis hope you enjoy it

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I think your writing style is very creative. If you could clean up the minor grammar errors this piece would be perfect! :) Would you return the favor and check out a chapter from my book Hunter's Point?


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