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June 12, 2012
I am an Athenian princess I live in a castle with my mother and father and younger brother harry and Sister Margret I am Princess Annabelle. We live in Athens and being a princess I am supposed to marry at the age of 12 or 13 and I’m 13 and I just don’t love anyone but my mother queen Medea the queen of Athens wanted me to be married before next year and my father king Jason he was like me he said to do nothing and the gods and goddesses would knock some sense into me. “Annabelle wake up there is someone here who wants to meet you”. I opened my eyes and slowly got up, I got dressed and went to brush my hair you see I have long curly wild red hair. I went downstairs to see who it was that wanted to meet me and next to my mom was boy who looked like he was 14 or 15, I smiled at him and looked at my mom with a puzzled look. My mother chose to ignore that and said “Annabelle this is your new husband”. And my mother looked at both of us and smiled waiting to see our reactions being as we have never met before. I just stood there shocked she had done it and actually found someone to marry me so I just laughed “ha that’s a good one mom you almost had me going for a minute”. My mother looked at me a little confused herself “Annabelle honey I’m serious this is Percy your new husband you are to be wed tomorrow evening”. I smiled at Percy and glared at my mom and turned and walked back up the way I had gone to my room. I don’t even know this guy how am I supposed to marry a dude I don’t even love? I came to a decision is a split second I would run away to the temple of Artemis the goddess to pray to her about what I should do. I got my bow and my quiver of arrows and got on a dress easy to run and shoot arrows in and a cloak so nobody would recognize me then I go down to the stables and go to my white stallion Danika (which means the morning star) and rode off north towards the temple of Artemis the goddess of hunting, wilderness and wild animals, and the protectress of the girl child she would know what to do. A few hours later I am still riding there but Danika is slowing down and my stomach is rumbling so it looks like we are going to have to stop for a lunch break. I go and find some food for Danika and then tie her harness to a tree and tell her “I’ll be right back”. And take my bow and arrows and go hunting for some food for me. I notice a rabbit and I aim my bow and arrow and release the arrow and it goes sailing through the air piercing the rabbit in the heart and the rabbit falls down dead. I go over to the rabbit and notice some yummy berries so I take a few and the dead rabbit back to where I set up camp with Danika, when I get back to the campsite Danika looks hungry so I give her a few berries and then I go to cooking the rabbits meat “yum tastes like chicken”. I eat all the rabbit meat and give a little bit to Danika and save the berries for later. The next morning I wake up put out the fire and eat some berries and give one or two berries to Danika and then we are off riding towards the temple of Artemis. A few hours later we are finally here I get off of Danika and tell her “don’t worry Danika I’ll be right back”. I enter the temple and there in front of me is a 20 foot tall statue of the goddess Artemis “oh Artemis hear my prayer and help me my mother want me to get married to a man I don’t want to get married to please tell me what I must do for I do not want to be wed at all”. I finish and look up at the statue and the eyes on the statue glow and then a big gust of wind and a lady appears who has long blonde hair and blue eyes and a knee length tunic and a silver bow and quiver of arrows. “Annabelle I have heard your prayer and I have chosen to answer it you do not want to be wed you are invited to join my hunting band of girls who do not want to be wed but you must promise to never fall in love with any boy or man”. She hands me a silver necklace with a moon on it “so you accept Annabelle?” I look at the necklace and put it on, “I accept thank you for inviting me Lady Artemis”.

To be continued…

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