Second Chances are Always Wasted

June 7, 2012
By Anonymous

The doors opened and I looked up at the big, black letters spelling, “Rock Sky High school”. The bell rang as the students flood the hallways. This is how I started my first day in Rocky Sky High school. The hallways are like in any other school I went too, they have lockers on the sides, students talking and laughing to each other, people gossiping about last weekend. There were students being scolded for having their skating boards in school. I walked with the schools map for new comers in my hands wondering how this year would be. Every school was the same; same classes, same cliques, and same teachers. I walked into the principal’s office to register into my new classes. The principal approached me, and stared at me with a wide smile.
“Hello Jenny! Please come to my office.”
I didn´t react to her warm glow and slowly entered her office.
“Well, due to your past um… issues, we will have to place you in a special program so you can adapt with our students. As you may have noticed, this is just like any high school, so you can start from scratch. This is your chance to do things again, start over. Isn´t that nice?”
I didn´t think her smile could possibly grow bigger and warmer.
“Yeah, perfect.”
I muttered quietly. She looked for a hint of emotion in me as she studied me. I tried to smile; she made me feel safe in a way. She thought I was a troublemaker well everybody did anyway. That’s what you get for being kicked out of five different schools. I tried to be polite and started to converse; I wanted her to like me.
“Thank you for this opportunity, I really appreciate it. It means the world to me to start again and with someone that is as nice as you Mrs. Celia.”
I smiled and blushed at the sound of my words. It was the first time that I truly smiled in weeks. I could sense that I would get along with her. She was different from the other teachers; I could feel that she wanted me to succeed. Mrs. Celia closed her eyes and smiled,
“I feel your sincerity and I appreciate it Jenny. Usually honor students give the tour to new students, but we shall do a little exception okay? Please follow me dear.”
She stood up and headed towards the door. She held the door open and smiled showing her white, perfect teeth. I stood up and walked outside of the safety of her office, a cold sweat went through my back as I stepped outside.
She showed me the rooms, the science building, math, biology, arts and skills, and many more. We were walking down the main hall when the bell rang and students invaded the halls. I felt overwhelmed at the sight of so many enemies. I had a fresh start and I had to take advantage of it. A blonde girl bounced towards us.
“Mrs. Celia! Can you please help me with my lectures in anatomy of bizarre creatures?”
I panicked at the thought that my safety totem was going to be taken away from me. I held her hand, realizing it was not appropriate, but I didn’t care; I looked up with hopeless eyes, and held her arm. I could feel the girl’s eyes penetrating my soul as jealousy made her body shiver, but I didn’t care. My grip wouldn’t let her go. Mrs. Celia smiled in comprehension and held my hands.
“I will be back soon, just stay here.”
She stood up and walked with the blonde girl. I listened as long as I could as the blonde girl was anxiously explaining the events in her previous class, but they both turned the corner and vanished form my sight leaving me with nothing but my fear.

As I stood around looking out for danger, I tried to soothe myself closing my eyes and thinking of Mrs. Celia, the only true teacher that has actually tried to help me. Something cold and misty passed through my core and I opened my eyes wide and alert at the feeling of danger. I looked at my surroundings; girls talking quietly in a corner staring at the corridor across, boys at the other end looking at the same corridor and whispering quietly. Everything seemed normal, then why am I feeling like this? As that thought crossed my mind, a girl landed with a loud thump three meters away from me. She had brown hair and tears were dripping down her face. She scrambled up trying to stable her shivering hands. Three other girls came from the corridor; I suppose they were the ones that attacked her. The three of them were gorgeous beyond reasonable. The black haired one came closer to the girl on the floor, almost floating.
“Will you ever challenge the Three again Cindy?”
Assuming Cindy was the girl on the floor, she was still unable to stand up; it looks like they had beaten her harshly for a long time now, since her shivers wouldn’t stop.
“No? Nothing? I’m just trying to help you fit in Cindy… you need to learn how this place works, or else…well, you can get badly hurt.”
She purred these worlds so sweetly I thought that Cindy was rightfully being punished. This black hair girl cant be able to do anything wrong! She really meant to help her. I heard giggles behind the black haired girl and the two other girls had an impish smirk in their faces. I realized I was mistaken. The black haired girl raised her hands and started to mutter something.
“NO! Please, I swear. I wont do it again. Please, not again…!”
Her words came out with a choke as she backed against the wall only to start crying again. Seeing that the black haired girl wouldn’t stop her attack, fear invaded her eyes as she looked for help. We made eye contact and she opened her eyes wide, tears streaming down her face.
“Please, help me.”
It was just a whisper, but enough to make me react. I recognized the hand gesture and I knew the words that were going to come out of the black haired girl. It was a spell of axon paralysis and control. Usually only high magicians could use this spell and only those with great power could achieve it. It’s a hard spell to avoid and even harder to stop it, but I knew a way to backfire it. I took a step forward, not even thinking about my second chance in this school, how I was supposed to start all over again. I just placed myself in front of Cindy and placed my hands forward muttering fast and efficiently.
“Efesto nismero cashinos.”
As the words left my mouth I opened my eyes as I felt the spell trickle through my body, to my hands and into the black hair girl. She flew straight into the lockers and fell with a shriek. I exhaled and dropped to my knees. This spell sucked all the energy I had stored. I felt dizzy and about to faint. I felt darkness overcoming me, and I thought about my second chance. Mrs. Celia. Will she be disappointed at me? I laughed a little and thought that this was like every other school. Well, this was my new start at school and I blew it. Yes, this is just like any school, any magic school at least. Darkness finally took over me and I fainted.

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