Immortal Crashes

June 4, 2012
By staygold BRONZE, Park City, Utah
staygold BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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It was mid-day about eleven in the morning. It was as foggy as ever when this old man was about to take off in the middle of no-where in the Utah desert. He didn’t have very good vision due to the weather but this old man didn’t have anything to do. In his single-engine airplane he took off.

A week later this young looking two-hundred and twelve year old man named Carter Wild just came back to his home from his month vacation to Peru. He was very good looking for his age, in-fact he was every woman’s dream. He had the stereotypical short brown hair, brown eyes and a six-pack that still showed and a fashion sense.

The scientific community gave him a Nobel Peace Prize for being the oldest man alive. He was very honored by that but also a little embarrassed. The only mystery he doesn’t know yet is why he is still living. Until one day he got a mysterious call from an old-creepy lady that sounded just as old as he was.

"Meet me in the ally way in you're apartment building. I need to tell you something very important about your life that you may not know about yet." The old lady said.

Confused and befuddled he hung up wondering if he should go. He didn't know why he was still living and just decided to go to find out why. Time dragged on and on – waiting for the secret of his life. He was so focused on the mystery; he jumped when the phone rang. His daughter Jane called to invite him to lunch.

“Hi dad, it’s Jane!”

“Hi Jane.”

“Want to come to lunch with me and Marilyn?” Jane asked.

“Okay, where?”

“Maybe Molly’s Place?”

“Sounds great see you soon!” He said as he hung up.

Forgetting about lunch already, he started thinking hard about the secret of his life. Maybe I have some sort of superpower – maybe I’m immortal. He thought to himself. His mind was filling with conclusions, but he doubted any of them were correct. He decided he should go, Jane and Marilyn were waiting for him at the restaurant. He hopped in to his Jeep Wrangler, started the engine, put his seatbelt on, and backed out of his driveway.

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