Cell 121

June 4, 2012
By staygold BRONZE, Park City, Utah
staygold BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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On a gloomy Tuesday morning, a dark man was sleeping in a ten by four cell. He was interrupted in his sleep so suddenly. The man stood up immediately, surveying the ground for anything suspicious. He suddenly heard a sawing noise coming from the floor. The ground was crumbling down causing him to see an old grave. He tried to grab the cell bars to ask for help but the figure was coming closer and closer before he could.

The day before the incident occurred, there were rumors about cell one hundred twenty one. James Sims was a tan man, 5’9’’, and had silky hair that flowed. He was recently brought to Utah State Penitentiary in Salt Lake due to a car chase with the police. He was recently sentenced to five years in prison. After all the legal issues were taken care of, he was put in to cell one hundred twenty one without knowing what was about to happen.

In the mess hall, Sims sat with a group of different people from all over Utah. They were talking about him and how his cell was haunted or something. Jeremy Cyrus the head of the group was talking the loudest.

“Before you came here Sims, my best friend lived in that cell. He went crazy and hung himself in the cell. The warden and guards buried him in that cell. Rumor is, every full moon he returns looking for revenge on the warden.”

James gulps, “Full moon? Isn’t there a full moon tonight?”

“That’s right,” Cyrus said grabbing his hand, “good luck newbie.”

“What do you mean ‘good luck’?” He asks scared.

“No one else has lived there after he died, you’re the first one. Good luck my friend.”


A thousand prisoners threw their food out and gathered in a single file line. They marched outside and went in to the, so-called, outside cage. Sims just paced around the area, nervous about this corpse in the cell with him. Jeremy came up to him and said, “James calm down, it’s no big deal – he’s dead, he’s not going to hurt you!”

“I guess your right.” He said as he sat down.

The two men just talked about his old friend. All of Jeremy’s crew joined them. “You know what Sims, you’re all right.”

“Thanks, Cyrus!” Sims replied.

“What are you in for?” Cyrus asked.

“I stole a car from the Infiniti store in Murray.”

“How?” Cyrus asked.

“Went in after hours, broke a window and hopped in.”

“That’s brave of you, they have tough security there.”

“Not as tough as you think!”


“What are you in for?” Sims asked.

“I kidnapped my daughter!” Jeremy said regretfully.

“Rea—“ James tried to say before the guard announced it was time to come back in. He gulped, and walked slowly in to his cell. He started breathing really hard. “LIGHTS OUT!” A guard yells.

“Good luck, Sims. “ He heard Cyrus yell from the next cell over.

Gulping again he tries to fall asleep. He hears a sawing noise and starts surveying the ground to see if the corpse was there. He went and jumped on his bed trying to scream before the zombie man finished sawing the floor and his coffin appeared and opened. The corpse rose from the coffin. The zombie man grabbed James’ feet and bit them. James tried to scream but the Zombie muffled his scream. The Zombie sank back in to the coffin and everything was put back in to place slowly. James sat there gasping really hard. His body slowly started to turn in to green and yellow flesh, his silky hair was falling out, and deep gashes were starting to appear on his body. He started to moan.

“Sims, you okay?” Cyrus asked next door.

James continued to moan, his hands went through the bars and grabbed Jeremy’s neck . Jeremy screamed causing all the lights to turn on in the Penitentiary. The guard ran and saw Jeremy laying there, dead. They opened James’ cell and the guard took out his gun and shot him. This caused James to turn back into human immediately.

“What happened?” James asked.

“You were a zombie and you killed Jeremy. We’re going to have to execute you son, there are no killings allowed in prison.” The guard explained.

“I did- didn’t know what was going on. I was another creature!” James begged.

“You still killed him, we’re going to have to take you to the chair.” The guard answered.

The guard grabbed him and turned him around to shackle him. They walked slowly to the chair. Once they finally got there it was morning, the sun was up and God was waiting for him to confess his sins. They strapped him in and bam, he was dead just like that.

That afternoon there were tons of reporters there reporting on the two killings in the prison. The warden explained to the reporters that another prisoner killed a prisoner and they had to execute him because of the rules. What will happen to the next owner of cell one hundred twenty one?

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