What Happened to Robert Manningham?

June 4, 2012
By Maximiliano Abaroa BRONZE, Santiago, Other
Maximiliano Abaroa BRONZE, Santiago, Other
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“We will arrive late for class again Robert, please hurry up” screamed Lisa Manningham. She was a blonde 16-year-old high scholar, and also the smartest in her grade. During her life, she has been like a mother to Robert, due to the reason that she died when he was only 4 years old, and the father left them when she was only two years old. This made Lisa a strong and mature sister who has been the only support for Robert. Robert, a 13 year old boy who is very hyperactive, outgoing, friendly and most important happy, decided not to go to school because he was feeling sick and exhausted. Something was wrong thought Lisa, because during his nine school year Robert never missed school. Lisa, worried and stressed left for school, and after several hours, she returned home. As she was unlocking the door to enter the house, she heard screams from Robert’s bedroom. When she entered the room, she could see her brother on the corner with scratches all over his face crying. Lisa ran to him to check what was going on and hugged him. Suddenly, Lisa heard a voice that was not his brother’s voice, it was very strange and scary, “Robert are you all right? Don’t worry I am here with you.” Said Lisa, “that’s perfect, you will die too little Lisa,” replied his brother. Lisa couldn’t understand what was going on, so she stepped back and saw how his brother began to smile and laugh in a demonic way. Robert was struggling against himself and a dark force that was in his interior. Suddenly, Robert whispered, “please stay away from me Lisa, I don’t want to hurt you”. “Who are you poor creature? And what do you want from my brother. Please don’t hurt him, he is the only thing I have left in my life” Nobody answered, only that permanent evil smile that was trying to let her know that he was not a good angel or anything like that. Robert asked his sister to take a nap and talk later because nothing bad would happen and she was looking very tired. That night, Lisa decided to go look for help but before, she went to see how her brother was doing. When she entered the bedroom, she saw Robert moving the pedestal table with his eyes. Since that moment, Lisa realized that it was not simply paranoia or mental problems her brother had, it was a paranormal force.

Lisa Manningham, looking afraid and exhausted went to her best friend’s house to ask for help. When she arrived, she was watching a movie with her boyfriend. The couple, looking at Lisa while she enters the room said, “hey Lisa! What’s up? You look kind of pale, are you okay?” “You will not believe me because it took me a long time to believe it as well but the movie we watched last week was truly based on a real story.” Rose, looking confused and astonished replied, “What are you talking about, explain yourself. What movie, ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose?’ “ The boyfriend looked at this conversation and said, “what are you girls talking about, that story is bulls***” When Lisa heard that she responded, “That’s what I thought too, but now I’m living it myself with Robert, he is at home possessed by some strong evil force” When Lisa said these words, the reaction was obviously the one that she was expecting, so she added “if you don’t believe me please come with me home and I will show you I am not lying” By hearing these words, the couple decided to go but to film everything that was happening because they are TV reporters, and if this was true a story about exorcism would benefit with an enormous amount of money. Lisa accepted and headed towards her brother’s bedroom. When they got home, Lisa decided to enter first. When she entered, she asked, “Robert I came here with two friends who want to see you, is that okay with you?” After a moment of silence Robert replied in a whispery voice, “its fine with me, I guess they want to die”
Rose was petrified as she heard his voice, and could not think about anything but horror. She remembered the movie they watched days ago, that talked about a girl named Emily Rose who was possessed by seven different demons, among them Lucifer and that killed many people and finally died. The first feeling she felt was, how is it possible that in real life, a demon could get into your soul and have possession over you? Jack astonished but at the same time nervous withdrew his camera from his pocket his camera in order to record everything that he was seeing. Lisa, looking at the camera said, “Hide your freaking camera or you will die Jack, don’t be a jerk!” When Robert looked at the camera, he smiled and moved it just with his eyes, saying “what you have just done will be the last thing you do” and all of a sudden his eyes went red and fire came out of his eyes, and with just his left hand pushed Jack towards the window. Robert looked at him and said, “good bye Jack” and killed him with the glass of the window. Then he whispered, “its your turn now” He turned his head around and they were gone, Lisa and Rose managed to escape, watching how Robert was killing people, smiling and also hurting himself.

After a moment of shock, the two girls decided to let a priest handle this situation, because there was no doubt that what Robert had was an evil demon and that he had to be exorcised. Father Gabriel was the only priest that believed them and decided to help. When they arrived to Robert`s bedroom, they saw Robert in the corner crying, screaming and at the same time smiling. Father Gabriel looked at him and said, “Robert is that you?” “Yes father, it`s me, and you are about to die if you don’t leave me alone, stupid priest” replied Robert with the same whispery evil voice as before. After several minutes of thinking, the priest said to Lisa, “lets see if it is really a demon” “Alright Robert Si mihi nomine daemon” “meum nomen est Lucifer plurimum demon omnes” The priest looking amazed, and scared like never before said to Lisa, “Robert is possessed by Lucifer, the most powerful of all demons, I don’t know if ill be able to save him” Lisa and Rose, started crying and thinking about how this would be the end of Robert, until Rose, thought for one second and remembered what had happened before, when Jack took out his camera and Robert got angry. She thought that maybe exorcism would not be enough but that maybe pictures could damage him a lot. This came to her mind because when Jack extracted the camera from his pocket, Robert got crazy and disturbed, so maybe the flash of the camera could have some effect on the demon. The priest and the two girls decided to do teamwork, and while Father Gabriel exorcised Robert, the two girls could take him pictures and make the devil to get out of Robert`s body. They made this and after minutes of exorcism, Lisa said, “this is for trying to kill my brother”, and took a photo with flash, making the devil to get out of Robert’s body. Lisa, looking at her brother hurt but alive, looked at the sky and said, “thank you lord” Finally, when everything was normal again, the demon got into the priest soul and looked at Robert saying, “good bye Robert”

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