Beauty & the nut

June 4, 2012
By Bropie BRONZE, Oakland, California
Bropie BRONZE, Oakland, California
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A long long time ago in a Land not so far away there is a place called frytopia where everyone ate fried food. And not so far from this place lies a wooded area where there is a castle in which lives a terrible beast but we’ll get to that later. Our main character is Beauty. Beauty was one of the most beautiful girls in frytopia which is how she got her name. “Ugh what time is it” beauty asked her younger sister who was irritated that she had been woken up by beauty “why don’t you look” she said gruffly before going back to sleep “guess I’ll have to” said beauty while she trudged to the kitchen.
When she got into the kitchen she saw her father he was on the phone talking to someone. “hello father” beauty said trying to be polite as possible but her father shooed her away while hanging up the phone with a bang. Their father was a gruff man with no feelings whatsoever. He once killed their kitten in cold blood because it had eaten the food he had prepared for the king and didn’t give it a second thought. He was also a cook for the king because he was the best in all the land.
“Beauty get your sisters” instructed beauty’s father “yes father” beauty said obediently why can’t you get them yourself thought beauty “Frankie Olivia come down dad wants you” Frankie was beauty’s younger sister and Olivia was her older sister they both looked exactly like her but they were meaner. After a while all of the girls were assembled. “Girls I’m going to the big fry trading empire today what do you want me to bring you?” “Clothes” said Frankie “food” said Olivia “I don’t want anything” said beauty when beauty said this everyone pulled back because whenever their father went to trade she would ask for something that “fine but I’m still getting you something” said their father as he turned to go out.
When their father got to the trading center he easily found the food and clothes for Frankie and Olivia but he had trouble finding something for beauty. He immediately found something when he thought of what he did for a living when he went back home he gave Frankie her clothes and Olivia her food. When he got to beauty he just said “come with me I want to show you something” while turning towards the door that led to the basement beauty heard the flip of a switch and as soon as the light came on she saw a new fry cooking machine. “impressed” said beauty’s father smugly as beauty stared at the machine at first beauty didn’t understand why there was a fry cooking machine in front of her then it hit her “ you want me to cook on this” said beauty puzzled she couldn’t cook anything to save her life.
“Go to sleep we start practice tomorrow” said beauty’s father I have to get out of here thought beauty. So that night beauty left out of the house while everyone else was asleep. Beauty was right at the village line when she was encountered the village nut. The village nut was an old man he was treated like a pet in the village because he had lived in the village since he was a little boy and had seen things that most could only dream about. “Beware of the beast that lives in the castle these woods” said the town nut “I will I promise” said while quickly walking past him because she knew that her father would be waking up soon and that he would be looking for her.
It was afternoon when beauty came to a castle she knew she should stay away from it so she went to a small stream she spotted in front of the castle. After she drank water from the stream she felt herself falling asleep so she just laid down where she was not caring whether her father found her or not. When beauty woke up she found herself in a bedroom she walked out and went down the stairs which led to a dining room which had a single plate ready. Beauty went over and sat down the food started floating from a door that she figured was a kitchen when beauty was full the beast came in the room at first beauty was terrified but she calmed down when the beast assured her he wasn’t going to eat her.
“Since you have come onto my land you cannot leave and will live here as my wife for the remainder of your life” said the beast when beauty heard this she didn’t mind because the beast had more manners then most boys in her village. The beast gave beauty gifts but she missed her family but the beast would not allow her go home to see her sisters or her father which she didn’t mind because she didn’t want to cook. But what she and the beast didn’t know was that beauty’s dad had seen the beast take away beauty and thought that he had captured her and was holding her captive against her will. So he came up with a plan to kill the beast and take beauty back home with him.

While the beast was out on his morning walk beauty’s dad went behind him and stabbed him in the back. Before the beast fell he was able to pull the knife out of his back to stab beauty’s father “if I die you’re going with me” exclaimed beast as the knife plunged into the fathers’ heart. Both of them crumpled to the floor in puddles of blood. Beauty who had heard beast’s roars ran outside to see that her father had attacked him and gotten kill “no beast” cried beauty as the tears flowed down beauty’s face in a steady stream beast looked up and saw that she was crying. “Beauty” asked beast weakly “will you stay here with me till you die” “ of course” said beauty because beast was the only one who had ever showed her kindness. As soon as beauty said yes the beast turned from a horrifying beast to the town nut but beauty was happy because she was with someone who actually cared about her.

BY: Joshua Joyner & Diego Garcia

The author's comments:
this is somethig im proud of it took me awhile so if you dont like it thats ok

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on Nov. 3 2012 at 9:17 am
Potterhead_Is_amazing GOLD, Arvada, Colorado
10 articles 3 photos 38 comments

Favorite Quote:
Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, so long as one remembers to turn on the light.

I thought it was really good but you kept on forgeting periods at the end of the sentences but overall it was realy good.  

Bropie BRONZE said...
on Jun. 17 2012 at 11:20 pm
Bropie BRONZE, Oakland, California
3 articles 0 photos 6 comments

thank yer i wa feeling random when i made it


on Jun. 12 2012 at 8:56 pm
theadventuresofemma GOLD, Ontario, Other
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Favorite Quote:
For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others.
For beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness.
And for poise walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.
-Audrey Hepburn

 i love this! lol :)

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