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May 30, 2012
By adf.23 BRONZE, Lapeer, Kansas
adf.23 BRONZE, Lapeer, Kansas
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Once upon a time in a kingdom called laPe’er, there was a young fair maiden whose name was Petunia Friskle. She was the niece of King Chuck and Queen Lizzi, whose daughter died shortly after birth. Petunia is 6’3, 113lbs and her arms are longer than her legs.

She was the only heir to the throne, so naturally she was expected to find a good mate. The kingdom was the most tidy and organized out of all the kingdoms in the universe. The streets were polished so you could see your reflection; the buildings were exactly 10ft apart.

Every shop, every bakery, opened everyday at 7am and closed at 9 pm and not a second too late. Petunia Friskle was the very opposite. She had a hard time fitting in with the orderly kingdom. Petunia was very clumsy, unorganized, and had a loud, playful personality. She felt that having fun and loving people was way better than tidiness and order. One morning she awoke in her crystal bed and had a sudden burst of energy. She decided to go for a morning stroll before the kingdom awoke as she often did. As she was passing the bakery, Petunia heard a large CRASH! BOOM! TING! TANG!

Of course being the nosy self she is, she decided to scope it out before calling some guards. As she approached the crash site she noticed a figure lying on the ground. Feeling terrified and scared she had a strong desire to approach the man. This man was not a man at all. He was some sort of creature. He had a face like a man and hands and feet like a man, other than he had multiple arms and legs.
“One, two, three, four arms, one, two, three legs.” Exclaimed Petunia.
“How could this be?” asked Petunia.
This “thing” was 7ft tall, at least 160lbs, hair as golden blonde as the sun, eyes that looked like the ocean, and he was very pale white though.
Petunia pondered a little while. Where did he come from? What are all this metal and gold and diamonds? What is his name? Why is he here? Could he be lost? Is he injured? Is he sick?
She wandered around a little bit and saw her childhood tree house in a tree not far from where she was standing. She had made up her man to take care of this creature until he was fit to be on his own.
“Okay, how am I going to get him all the way down the trail? There is nobody else around.” She thought.
Petunia wandered around the crash site. She notices a small compartment with a large door. She opened the door and climbed in.
“Wow, look at all these buttons. What is this thing?” she wondered.
She searched the area to see if there was something that could help her haul that big man over to the tree house. Finally that’s when she saw it. A big blanket!
“I can use this to haul him over there. If I wrap him up and drag him, it should be a piece of cake!” she said.
She waltzed over to the injured man and laid the blanket out besides him.
“One, two, three!” she huffed.
She pushed against his back as hard as she could and she rolled him onto the blanket.
“Wow, he’s heavy.” She exclaimed.
She tied one of the blankets to the other end so he was tied up in a ball. She started dragging him along the trail, hoping the blanket wouldn’t tear beneath him. As she came upon the tree house she was now struck with a problem.
“How am I going to get him up the latter and into the tree house?”
With all her brain power she thought about just putting him over her shoulder and climbing the ladder. He couldn’t be that heavy?
She slung him over her shoulder and climbed the ladder. She put him in the corner and ran into the kingdom to gather pillows and blankets. When she returned she made up a bed for the man. She put him in bed and tucked him in. She then went into the forest she knew so well from all her pointless strolls. She gathered berries, veggies, water, and sticks for a fire.
Later that evening the man awoke. He looked awfully confused and quite frightened. He saw the young maiden sitting in the corner reading a novel.
“Hello.” Said the creature
“Are you feeling alright?” asked Petunia.
“Yes, I am thank you.
Where am I? He asked.
You are in LaPe’er. She answered
What’s LaPe’er? He asked.
It’s my Aunt and Uncles Kingdom. She answered.
What’s your name? She asked
Goputa. And yours? He asked.
Petunia. She answered.
Wow that’s a lovely name. He said.
Thank you. Where did you come from? She asked
Vystar. He answered.
Where is that? Is it a kingdom? She questioned.
No, it’s just passed the Zepron Galaxy. He said
Galaxy? You mean you’re a…a... an ALIEN?
Yes. I am. Are you frightened?
No. Not at all. You don’t seem like an alien? You’re so nice and kind. Not scary one bit. What are you doing all the way on earth?
I ran away from my planet because I was such an outcast. People made fun of me all the time for being so silly and for being tall and skinny. So I fled my planet, but when I found this planet I wasn’t sure how to land my ship, that’s why I crashed and broke my ship. And ended up here.
Wow that’s crazy, I feel the same way. People here treat me like an outcast, just because I’m tall and skinny doesn’t mean that I’m not as good as them. I suppose we have a lot In common. Except for I cannot leave my planet. I am the Princess, the king and queens niece. Their daughter died and my parents died in a carriage accident so they were all the family I had left. They treat me so nice and love me. But the others don’t. Why don’t they understand I am just as good as anybody else?
“How long have I been asleep?” Goupta asked.
“Four days.” She answered.
I have taken the time to gather all of your diamonds and gold and jewels for you. You may become just as wealthy as I with all those jewels. She explained.
What are you talking about? Those worthless pieces? They aren’t worth a cent on my planet! He said.
“Really? Well they are worth very much here in my kingdom.”
You can have them if you like?
Really? I couldn’t do that. How are you going to get back to your world?
Im not going to.
Would you like to come and stay in the castle with me?
I Don’t know, wont people make fun of me?
I wont let them! Petunia said boldly!
Okay I suppose that would be much fun, would you like to be my wife? And stay with me forever?
I would love that! We can tell my aunt and uncle tonight at supper!
The Aunt and Uncle met the strapping young boy that night at dinner and loved him instantly. His generous gift of jewels to the kingdom earned him the princesses hand in marriage.
And they lived happily ever after.

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