May 30, 2012
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Princess Fatima: Princess that lived in a royal palace with her parents which were the King and the Queen.
King Hernon and Queen Myra: The parents of Princess Fatima whom did not let her get married to whoever she wanted
Old Lady Zayna: She was wealthy
Rafik: Handsome twenty-five year old gardener of the palace

In the good days, Princess Fatima magnificently lived in the royal palace under the warm wings of her parents King Hernon and Queen Myra. As she was brought up with the legacy of her parents’ majesty, Fatima’s lavish lifestyle was way above all other people’s standards. Although the twenty-two year old princess wanted to establish some relationship with ordinary guys whom she liked, her parents prevented her from seeing those men because none of those men were quite good enough for the princess in her parents’ judgment. Their majesty’s goal was to keep the glory of their throne dignified and not to pass it on to someone, from an undesirable class, through the marriage of their only child.

Princess Fatima and Rafik are caught making out.
Princess Fatima: Oh no, we shouldn’t be doing this!
Rafik: Why not, no one’s going to see us.
Princess Fatima: If my father catches us, he will never forgive us.
Rafik: Well I am willing to take that risk.
Princess Fatima: You know that my parents would never allow me to marry someone that I want, only what they want.
Rafik: *turns his head and gasps* OH NO!
Princess Fatima: What’s wrong?
Rafik: Your dad is watching us!
Princess Fatima: WHAT?!
King Hernon: Who is this Fatima?
Princess Fatima: Dad, please don’t get mad at me!
Rafik: Please don’t hurt her King, this is all my fault.
King Hernon: I know this is all your fault Mr. Rafik! I am going to exile you for the rest of your life!
Princess Fatima: *crying* Please dad, don’t do this to me!
King Hernon: You’ve already made the mistake, and you can’t take it back.
Meanwhile, devastated Fatima was ordered by her overprotective father to a complete confinement in her room until her father would decide her marriage. In exile, Rafik met a rich old lady.
Rafik: Oh hello, nice to meet you, what’s your name?
Old Lady Zayna: Hi, my name is Zayna, nice to meet you Rafik.
Rafik: Would you like me to do anything for you?
Old Lady Zayna: Actually, yes.
He sincerely worked for her and, soon, she considered him like a son as he quickly got into her heart. This old lady started to grow ill and her death became imminent shortly after Rafik lived with her.
Rafik: Can I tell you something, Zayna?
Old Lady Zayna: Why yes, of course you can! What is it Rafik?
Rafik: I was once in love before I was exiled. I was caught making out with her, and as I turn my head, I see that her dad was watching us. And her parents don’t allow her to marry anyone that she wants; the marriage is up to her parents. So now we will never see each other, and I will never be happy without her.
Old Lady Zayna: You know what Rafik? I have an idea.
Rafik: What is it?
Old Lady Zayna: I’m going to help you get back with Princess Fatima.
Rafik: That’s impossible.
Old Lady Zayna: No it’s not. I have something that will help you.
Rafik: What is it?
Old Lady Zayna: I have this antique looking cigarette lighter, and this will be the key to getting back with Fatima.
As the old lady was nearing her last breath, she willed Rafik all her wealth. Moreover, she explained to him the magic powers of the lighter.
Old Lady Zayna: This lighter has only one last magic flame left unused, and therefore, it should be at a very close vicinity of the intended purpose and order to guarantee more effective results before it would completely run out of its magic powers.
Old Lady Zayna dies.
Saddened by the old lady’s death, Rafik decided to go back to King Hernon’s premises so the lighter would work perfectly well in his and in Fatima’s favor. On his way back, Rafik smoked his pipe enjoying he favorite tobacco flavor while contemplating Fatima until he was nearby his planned destination. As some of the people who worked in the palace recognized Rafik, they told the king on him.
King’s Majesty: I’m going to have to arrest you Rafik!
Rafik: I don’t deserve this, please let me go!
He was attacked from behind and the chains were all around him without having any chance of reaching into the lighter. Rafik was sentenced to death, with the execution of his sentence being set and announced to take place the following day. As people were coming in droves to watch Rafik’s death—according to their traditions—and while the execution was only moments away and while Fatima’s heart was getting broken into pieces, Rafik took one last look at Fatima and he asked…
Rafik: Can I have one last wish.
King Hernon: Fine. What is it?
Rafik: I want to smoke a pipe.
Majesty: Alright.
King Hernon: *mumbling* what a stupid wish Rafik had, he could have definitely wished for something better than smoking a stupid pipe. Rafik could have wished for Fatima regardless of my reaction to his wish since his death was certain and inevitable.
King Hernon: Silence!
After a moment of silence, Rafik flickered his lighter to, presumably, get his pipe lit. Out of the flame came out a huge and horrifying genie on his magic carpet that saved the day for both Rafik and Fatima. As frightened the king and everybody else were, the genie took Rafik and Fatima to the old lady’s house. Over there, they married and happily lived for the rest of their lives.

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