War of the Reptish

May 24, 2012
By Anonymous

In another time there was a race, of what some would call “reptile-people”. Those who have heard the legends know that there are many, each different in some way or another. Scientists could classify them, from looking at the similarities to some types of snake or lizard. However, in reality, they are called the Reptish. The two main races or tribes of these people are the Snekians and the Lezeracks.

The time when these two tribes were at war, a special child was born. There was nothing extra-ordinary or special about this child, except for the fact that he was half-Snekian and half-Lezerack. The very year of his birth, it was said that a magical power would rise in a child, giving him or her unimaginable power. Naturally, greed fell over the two tribes, but this greed was bred by a beast of evil magic. This is how the great Scale War began between the two tribes.

To keep the “child” safe, the parents sent him with the former chieftains. They promised that he would be trained with the blade, his power, and the various secrets of the tribes. In fifteen years, this child would be sent on a quest with some allies, to slay the beast consuming the minds of the Reptish. This child’s name was Gredulas.
In recent days, the two former chieftains had been feeling as if they were being watched by an unknown adversary or adversaries. The truth was that it was just some of Graduals’ friends: Komos, the Lezerack and Cobren, the Snekian. At first, Diamos, the Snekian chieftain, and Iguan, the Lezerack chieftain, thought they were there just to observe Gredulas. They were horribly wrong…
Iguan shouted, “Flee Gredulas and take your friends with you!”
“How did they find us so quickly?!” Diamos hissed.
“Cobren, use your vision, to see if there is a spy,” said Gredulas.
Immediately one of the Chamos appeared (one of the sub tribes of the Lezerack, with the ability to camouflage with their surroundings). “I see the spy!” shouted Komos “If we hurry we can catch…” “No! There is no time if we go after him; there is a chance that we will get captured by one of the tribes.”
There was silence for a moment, and then Gredulas said “We better get going to prevent being captured. Master Diamos and master Iguan just please stay alive if you can, and if you do, meet us at Serpents Peak.”
Once Gredulas and his friends were gone, the chieftains prepared for an interrogation from one of the tribes. This did not happen however, so suspicion arose that the two armies hunted Gredulas and his companions. The chieftains left instantly, unsuspecting that the armies were waiting to follow the chieftains making it easier to find and apprehend Gredulas “the chosen one”.
Instead of traveling the regular path, the chieftains took a secret path, which they made when they were younger. It was hidden so that so that it could not be seen by the naked eye and could only be found by memory or touch.
Meanwhile Komos was becoming very impatient. “Why could we not have bought some Crecks? They would have made this trip a lot faster.” Komos complained.
“True, but if we did we would not be able to bring out our weapons fluently if we get attacked” Stated Gredulas.
“Well it looks like we’re half way there, we have reached Predator Valley” Said Cobren.
“It seems too soon to me. Now we will keep moving non-stop unless we near one of the creature’s dens.” commented Komos.
“Well we are not going through the valley.” Gredulas waited for what he said to sink in.
“Wait, so you are saying we are going a different way?” asked Cobren.
“Yes, we are taking a shortcut. You see there is a special rock that can transport us to our destination,” answered Gredulas.
Just then, Gredulas picked up an ordinary looking rock and split it into three pieces. “Now just close your eyes.” There were some crackling noises and then Cobren and Komos opened their eyes, and saw that they were at the top of Serpents Peak, the very place where the Beast was said to live.
Then out of nowhere came a deafening roar and the trio drew their weapons. The Beast emerged and it’s appearance shocked them. It was a bulging mass of muscle and scales. The Beast’s very essence seemed to emanate insanity. Then Gredulas chanted some unintelligible words and attacked the Beast. Cobren and Komos attacked with Gredulas and struck the Beast’s chest. Komos pounced onto the beasts head and plunged his sword through it to make sure the beast could not attack with its jaws. Cobren dug her fangs into one of the Beasts arms and injected her poison.
The Beast had been slain, but peace could only be restored by reuniting the two tribes. If an evil force ever arose again, the Snekian and Lezerack tribes would be prepared to expel it from the realm.

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