The Boy With the Blue Eyes

May 26, 2012
By rebolutionary BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
rebolutionary BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
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She woke up, half woke up as her eyes were still closed, and was quite confused for a second. “Didn’t I fall asleep in my bed in my room?” she thought. Then she remembered the night’s events that caused her to fall asleep on the roof of whatever building she was on. She was still having a little bit of trouble remembering which one when she realized that she wasn’t on the roof anymore. She was in a hospital room. She could tell by the very sterile smell and how eerily quiet the room was. Then she finally realized that she couldn’t move her arms. Opening her eyes, she looked down at them. They were lying there like usual. She became curious and tried to get up, until she realized that she was having trouble lifting her head that is. At this point she was beyond confused, she was bewildered. She couldn’t move her head, her arms, or her legs. As she soon found out, and she was having a hard time remembering how she got into this situation.

Instead of trying fruitlessly to get up again, she decided to try to remember what happened last night and how she got there. “I had been walking home from school. Yes, that was for sure. Then I had been asked to go to a friend’s house to study for an upcoming test. I went home to ask my parents if it was okay. Yes, that happened. Then on my way to her friend’s house I decided to take a short cut because I told my friend that I would go as fast as I could. Then… “What happened?” this single thought piercing her brain like a thorn. “Why don’t I remember what happened?!” She yelled aloud in frustration, and then went back to searching though her thoughts. Suddenly it dawned on her. “I took that alleyway that my parents told me never to take. While I was walking through it I saw a bunch of guys beating up someone. I assumed it was a little kid, but… it wasn’t. It was Lea! My friend!” Suddenly her mind was frantic as she relived the memory. It took her several minutes before she could calm down and start to remember again. “When I first saw them beating up the ‘kid’, I went over to stop them. Having taken karate when I was a kid, I was quite confident in my ability to stand up for myself. But when I got there, the situation was much different than I ever could have imagined. The ‘guys’ beating up the ‘kid turned out to be men in their 20s, and the ‘kid’ turned out to be my friend. They didn’t notice me at first because upon making the realization of the men’s’ ages, I thought it best to do surveillance first. They were going to hold Lea hostage for some reason. They wanted to get some that they called ‘Gerunta’ to come out. Saying to Lea, that if she did a thing that they told her not to, that they would kill her. From the looks of it they had beaten her up before I had arrived. It was really painful to bring up the memory of her appearance when I saw her, but not nearly as painful as seeing it in person. When I had gotten all this information, I decided that I had better intervene now; the life of my friend could depend on it. So I ran forward and flying kicked the first man’s head. That left about four others. The others were so shocked that they let go of Lea for a moment. Lea ran forward toward me and gratefully leapt towards me. I quickly grabbed her, and swung her around so that she was behind me and out of the line of fire. Then I shouted, ‘Leave my friend alone! Or suffer the consequences.’ At this they laughed as they saw that I was only a teenager, and a girl at that. A big mistake on their part I might add,” she remembered with a satisfied grin.
Then her mind did a replay of the events that followed. How the cocky men had casually tried to push her aside to get at her friend again, after the guy that she knocked down had gotten back up. When she punched one guy to the side. Then when she sent one guy crouching over with a kick to the stomach. Now, they were really mad at her. But even in their rage, they made a fatal mistake. They hadn’t learned to respect her as a threat, so they never saw it coming when she did a roundhouse kick to all of them when they tried to attack her at the same time. Grabbing her friend’s hands, as they were tied together with a rope she ran. Running as fast as they could, the duo finally got to a construction yard, towards the east side of town. She quickly untied her friend and told her to run the opposite way for help, while she let the men follow her. Honestly, she was trying to get them away from Lea. Lea protested at once to this plan, saying it was much too dangerous for her to do it alone. She said that it was the only way and they were running out of time to argue. That was finally got Lea to agree and get her to run in the opposite direction. “What am I doing?” Those were thoughts when she finally got Lea to agree. But she had promised that she would keep the men busy while Lea went for help, and that was exactly what she planned to do. Suddenly, she heard voices. Looking up, she saw the five men coming towards her. All of them were looking extremely unhappy and cussing. “But what typical sexist man wouldn’t after being beaten up by a girl?” she thought. This only gave her more drive, and when she ran to the construction gates she felt like she had wings.
Following her, the men ran inside the gates as well. Yet they apparently weren’t from around here, because they didn’t suspect a thing when a robot run forklift came crashing by. If they hadn’t been paying attention, the robot would have run them over. “Where are they from anyway?” she could remember thinking as she finally got to see their strange outfits in the sunlight. They were wearing way outdated suits and looked like they were supposed to be back in the early 1900s. Then they acted all spooked around the forklift, like they had never seen one before. Let alone one driven by a robot. Robots had been running construction machines for the past five years, so it was quite dated information. She was a little bit bewildered by this but jogged back to the thoughts of where she was currently hiding. Eventually, they would glance over to the pile of supports she was hiding behind and think it suspicious. “I should change hiding spots now,” she thought. So she made a quiet dash over to a pile of construction material by one of the buildings that was almost finished. It looked really funny because the there was only half of a building ‘hotdog style’, as they used to describe it in elementary. Then the other half was a skeleton. Now that she looked back on it, the construction workers must have been really confused to do it that way. Yet, even droids can make mistakes sometimes. Then she noticed that the men were headed toward this building as they had gone through a thorough check of the other one. Now it was seconds before they were to come over, so she dashed again. But this time she wasn’t so lucky. Her toe hit one of the metal pieces that went crashing into a nearby pile, creating a noise, and alerting her pursuers to her exact location.
Now she had lost the only advantage she had. She had nowhere to go and her pursuers were almost on top of her. Then she glanced over to see an open door. It was the door to the building that was being constructed. Sure it was the worst decision she ever made, she ran into the half constructed building. Thankfully, the assailants didn’t have guns; otherwise they could have stood back and shot her as she went up. Instead they chased her up all ten flights of stairs to the roof, ten stories up. Once she got on the roof, she realized how trapped she actually was. Then her pursuers burst through the door that she herself had come through seconds before. At this point they were in such a rage that nothing could stop them from killing her. Backing her up into a corner, they started mocking her. Now there was nothing between the siding of the roof and the men. Back against it, she started to pray, “Oh Lord! If you exist, send me an angel right now! Save me from these men!” As she finished thinking this, they were ready to strike to kill her. It would take the men thirty seconds to pass the next foot and push her over the side. But then something strange happened. A comet came down to stand right in front of her, shielding her from the men. No it wasn’t a comet! It was a boy! A boy in his teenage years, about the same age as her, from the look of him. But there was something strange about him. He had this aura type glow about him, it made him seem like he was on fire. Remembering what he said made her get shivers, “Step away from her you buffoons. Or you have me to mess with.” He said with a glare. Then out of the thin air, he pulled out a weapon. It looked like a sword, but it was on fire! It was a blue tinted metal with a very beautiful design on the handle. The flame around it was one of the bluest blues that she had ever seen in her entire life. It was awe-striking. The men obviously shaken by the appearance of the boy, retreated a foot. Then they looked at each other, and then back at us. They said, “We will be back,” and went through a portal of energy that they created. One of the men created it by throwing it back behind him. They all stepped into the portal of energy and vanished. Then the portal vanished too. Only after both had vanished did the boy turn to her. She was amazed by his extremely blue eyes. They looked so inviting, exhilarating, and fearsome at the same time. Suddenly, the ground started to sway a bit and she couldn’t stay standing. As she fell from exhaustion, he caught her. She heard him say something before she passed out, but in her tired state she couldn’t make it out.
That was the answer to her question. But now that she remembered, she doubted that it was reality. There was no way that any of that could happen. “Finding her friend being beaten up in an alley way. Come on! Being chased by five men who wanted to kill her. Please! Being saved by an extremely dashing and handsome boy about the same age as you. In your dreams! I was probably just imagining it all,” she rationalized. Then her mind asked her why she was in the hospital if it didn’t happen. For a minute she was at a loss before replying, “I probably just hit my head. My mom really freaks out about any little injury we get.” “Then why can’t you move?” her mind asked her. “I am really exhausted, that’s all.”
Then, the most unexpected thing yet happened. A nurse came in and told her that someone was here to see her. She consented to let them in, sure that the person was one of her parents. But the next person she saw and the next words she heard changed her life for forever. “Hello, Zarabell,” said the boy with the blue eyes.

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