it was a day like no other

May 23, 2012
By Frozenfromfeels1 PLATINUM, Cinncinati, Ohio
Frozenfromfeels1 PLATINUM, Cinncinati, Ohio
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It was a day like no other the wind was howling yet the sun was shining its warm rays of sun beaming down although the harsh winds made it a little chilly with the sun shining down it was also warm. Today was a special day you see today is my 16th birthday the day where you are supposed to be whisked off your feet by a prince charming or to discover you are magic so you can bet I am pretty excited about this birthday because your 16th birthday is supposed to be the most special day of your life where something mysterious and or magical happens. I wake up get dressed and wait for something magical to happen then the doorbell rings “I’ll get it!” I shout to the rest of the house, when I open the door who should be standing there but Justin bieber! And being as how I am a huge fan of his I am super excited and flabbergasted “you... You’re Justin bieber! At my house what are you doing here”? He smiled at me and said to me “well I can tell you are a fan. What I am doing here is that you see I know it’s your birthday you’re mom called me to come here and spend the day with a big fan like yourself”. I was so super excited I looked at my mom who was now standing by the door smiling at me I go up to her and hug her and say with a big grin “thank you mom you are the best ever thank you thank you”. Justin bieber then turns to me and invites me to go see that new movie that I have been dying to see dark shadows starring Johnny Depp. And being as I am a huge fan of Johnny Depp as well I am raring to go “well then let’s go, but what about the other fans in the theaters and the haters too what about them”? He smiles and says to me “don’t worry I had my manager reserve a private screening for us and a little surprise too”. I nod with excitement “ok”. Then when we get to the theater who is there but Johnny Depp! I am speechless I am a huge fan of both of them. “Come on let’s go see the movie shall we”? I nod I am too excited for words. After we see the movie we go roller skating then we go grab a bite to eat then I get to go to a Justin bieber concert with Justin bieber and Johnny Depp today was definitely the best 16th birthday ever! Afterwards we go to an interview with Johnny Depp and Justin bieber on the Ellen de generes show. Then we go get some dinner and finally the day is done but before they leave they give me their phone numbers so I can contact them later today was definitely the best 16th birthday ever!

The author's comments:
well its a little fan fiction i am not 16 i am only 13 but its true if justin bieber ever did come to one of my birthday parties :) *cough* *big hint*

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