The Experiments

May 22, 2012
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“I said to let me out!” she hissed, for about the fifth time. Emerson banged on the door until her fists ached. But it was to no avail, because the door in front of her remained closed. She looked around the white room for what could have been the millionth time. There were bright fluorescent lights above her head; they were high on the ceiling so she had no chance of reaching them. The room was so white, Emerson had a wait a couple minutes when she had first been shoved through the door for her eyes to adjust.
Emerson was positive the room was soundproof, either that or she was being ignored. Although there were tiny camera’s positioned in the corners of the walls that blinked with small red lasers. Emerson sunk down against the wall, she had officially given up on any possible escape, she should have realized that when they had taken her in the first place. Whoever they were.
Whoever, had taken her in the night. Emerson was lying in her creaky bed, awaiting sleep…that had never came. She lived in the orphanage in hick town of Tawas Michigan. The other girls she shared a room with were all fast asleep. She had slipped out the window as she so often did when she couldn’t sleep, going outside for a peaceful walk under the stars. Although that’s not how it happened. Only fifteen minutes after she had started down the dark dirt road, she had been grabbed from behind, muffled with some kind of wet cloth and pulled into the back of a black van.
Those were the only things she could register before she was coming to, and had woken up to hands binding her arms and legs, her mouth had duct tape muffling her screams. Emerson struggled as much as she could, but it was no use. Those who bound her were extremely buff, and looked like the sort of people that were running a mafia.
They had shoved her through electric sliding door, and that was the last time she had been in contact with anyone. Emerson had no sense of time…since there were no windows in her white little room. She didn’t even know what how long the drive had been, since she had been knocked out with what she suspected was chloroform.
Emerson couldn’t decide which emotion dominated her mind at the moment. There was definitely fear. Seriously, who wouldn’t be scared if they were kidnapped in the middle of the night, and been drugged? Emerson also felt the burning twinge of regret. Had she not snuck out at night, she could have avoided the whole situation. Although a small part in her mind was telling her that this event had been inevitable. Emerson was also angry, who were these people to gang up on a helpless teenager? As unbelievable as it might be, there was also curiosity. What would strange people be wanted with a simple fifteen year old girl like herself? The thoughts weren’t pleasant…which brought her back to fear.
“Emerson Nicole Riley please step forward.” A smooth voice said. Emerson looked around nervously, the skin on the back of her neck prickled with unsettling thoughts. There must have been a hidden intercom she hadn’t noticed before.
Surprising herself, she did what she had been asked. Emerson tried to control her expression into the perfect poker face as the door slid open once more, revealing a large Victorian hallway. A man with an off white lab coat stood in front of her. His hair lay brushed back neatly, and small glasses perched on the edge of his nose. Emerson immediately distrusted the man…he had a smile so forced it was as fake as Ken and Barbie.
“What do you want with me?” she said, happy that her voice had come out rude and confident, when on the inside-she felt as if her mind was being clouded over with anxiety.
“Oh don’t worry…you’ll find yourself comfortable here…You’ll have to. I mean-well I’m not supposed to say anything, but we have to learn to trust each other-because you won’t be leaving.” He said, almost if it was the simplest thing in the world to accept.
“I want an explanation, I deserve one.” She pressed, her eyes darkening with a scowl.
“If everything works as planned, you’ll be very helpful.” He said, his eyes roaming over her petite figure before he continued. “Yes indeed you will. Emerson Nicole Riley, you will be subject to experiments. You are paying tribute to you country. As dimwitted as you might think I am, trust me when I say this-If there are no…complications…then you will leave more powerful and confident then you could ever hope for in your wildest dreams.” He said the word complications with distaste, implying that some sort of bad thing had happened before…the thought sent chills up his spine.
“What do you mean…by powerful?” she asked, her tone betraying her curiosity.
The man’s eyes glittered, and his smile widened as if he had expected her to ask. “I do mean powers…amazingly so. I have a feeling you will prove most important to this particular trial Miss Emerson. You will be of great use to us…the greatest weapon created yet.”

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