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May 22, 2012
By MrSideswipePrime BRONZE, Duncombe, Iowa
MrSideswipePrime BRONZE, Duncombe, Iowa
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Hello my name is Kit, and this is a dream turned into a story about how my friends and I went into a bio-dome. In the dream that I had I was asked by William Flamanian to help him with a zoo that would become a bio-dome for a colonized planet that was named Yerevan, and would be at the planets capital called Ararat. He asked me to bring the following people with me: a vet, an Artic Explorer, an Entomologist, an expert on machines and a Marine Biologist. Along with my studies in Paleontology, I called my friends to see if they would be interested. So now it’s time to meet the team of the dream my fellow readers.
First there’s me Kit; the guy who digs up the dinosaurs and studies their remains. Next, we have Price, the Artic explorer; Price and I were once good friends growing up in high school. When he graduated he went to Alaska for his interests of the Artic. After I talked to Price I then went to the only one that I knew who studies invertebrates; Aria, I knew her as the girl who was quiet but always had a smile. The youngest of the females that I contacted next would be my sister; Catherine, ever since she watched how animals were being abused she wanted to be a vet. If there’s anyone who I could turn to for a computer problem, it would be Dustin. He’s always had the magic touch on technology. Then there’s our Marine Biologist; Douglas, this guy just seems like he was born in the water and his favorite animal is a semi aquatic egg laying poisonous mammal with a duck bill and a beaver tail.
We were all taken aboard a space cruise ship thanks to the help of Mr. Flamanian. The ship was sent mostly to pick up colonists to go to the planet Yerevan, so pretty much you can say it’s our version of the Mayflower. On our voyage to the distant planet we relaxed on the ship enjoying the journey. As we approached the planet we saw that one half seemed capable of preserving life, and then there’s the other half that was covered in what looks like blood. “How does a planet that has been terraformed have an ocean of blood?” I said puzzled to myself narrating.
Well you see, when the planet was first being changed it once was fully green, but pretty much there was a war. Then these two nations wanted to control the planet for its resources until one of them released a bacteria to make the water and the atmosphere void of clean oxygen. So they built a wall to keep the water and the atmosphere on the other side clean and push the bad air back. “Okay then,” I answered still confused, “thanks narrator?” Don’t thank me; just give yourself a pat on the back for asking a good question.
As we got off the ship we presented our ID to the computer telling us that a monorail would come to pick us up and take us to the bio-dome. The monorail was red as its main color and had gold flames running from both sides of the cars and engines. The monorail ran along some important track because it was the only one on the crimson line with the designed pattern of flames along the sides. This was the sign that anyone who went on this track would go to the Flamanian Mansion or in our case the bio-dome. No one was allowed on this monorail without the permission from the Flamanian residence.
The monorail stopped and we walked with caution as we exited the monorail. What we saw was a mansion that looked like an old mansion you would see in the southern states of America, but this mansion was red as a chimney. The man lives up to his name, if it has to do with fire, then he has it right in your face. At last we met up with Mr. Flamanian and his children; his daughter, Scarlet and his son; William Jr. He greeted us with a large grin on his face and introduced us to his children.
First we met William Jr., a young man just a little taller than me, his hair was deepest brunette and he had chocolate eyes, a red men’s dress shirt, a pair of black dress pants, and black dress shoes. The image of his father was a clear image when comparing the two but he just looked younger compared to his father. “It’s great to see the best my father could bring for his project, said William Jr. as he glanced at us, “this project is important to my father because it’s import to me since I could end up taking over the Flamanian Industries.” “Now Jr. you know that you have as much rights to the company as your sister or any other members of Flamanian Industries.
Mr. Flamanian then introduced us to his daughter as William Jr. moved to the side. She was wearing a dress that had a base color of red with orange and yellow colors at the ends of the dress almost to look like her dress was made of flames. While her dress was full of color, her shoes were black with black diamonds on the belt buckles. It made me think of her as a living fire coming from a piece of coal. So if you think she lives up to the name, then get this, she also had a bracelet with a phoenix made of gems on it.
“So, let me get this straight”, Scarlet asked her question, “this is your team?” William Jr. looked at my friends and then focused on my sister. “out of all the scientists you could think of to find, you had to pick a pile of trash and your sister for your team?!” William Jr. blared at me. “Listen,” I answered to him in a firm tone, “this pile of trash is worth its weight in gold. And I’d never trade them for the world! Team, state your name and occupation.”
“I’m Price, and I’m an Artic Explorer.” stated Price. “My name is Aria and…well…when it comes to arthropods I know a thing or two about them.” Aria said quietly. “My name is Catherine, but you can call me Cat, and I’m the best vet that kit knows.” Cat said by boasting. “My friends call my Dustin, and I can break through any computer security system and I’m great with technology.” Dustin showed them his computer records. “When it comes to water, there’s no one else that Kit knows better than me, Douglas. I’m a Marine Biologist and a great swimmer.” Douglas showed pictures of himself with Orcas and Dolphins. “And then there’s the leader of the team, me, I’m a Paleontologist and I have studied clones of extinct animals.” I explained through my records and pictures of me with fossils and cloned extinct animals.
After our introduction, Mr. Flamanian assigned us to our tasks. ”Each of you will need to get to your job sites on foot. Price, you will head to the tundra section to check to see if the air pressure, wind chill and temperature are correct for the section of the biome.” He handed him an ID card and map to know where to go. “Aria, you will go to the section where we keep the invertebrates.” Aria received her ID card and map. “Catherine, you will go to what we call the ‘Pride Lands’ to see if our felines are doing their best.” When Catherine received her ID and map she said to Mr. Flamanian. ”So you sent me to a place where there are cats and my nickname is Cat, if you say so.” Then Mr. Flamanian explained. “It was my son who said that you should check on the felines first. Now Dustin, I understand that you are great with technology so here’s what I need you to do, I need you to go to the tech building and check on the transportation system to see what’s wrong with it.” Dustin with excitement grabbed the ID card and map to the tech building. “Douglas, I need you to check on our semi-aquatic river mammals in the river exhibit to see if our two platypi have arrived and that their biome is perfect for them to live in.” This was a very exciting moment for Douglas, because his favorite animal is a semi-aquatic poisonous egg laying mammal. So he ran off with the ID card and map.
“So, Mr. Flamanian,” I asked him after everyone else left, “what do you want me to do?” “Well, you see Kit; I have a very important job for a Paleontologist like you. You see every zoo on Earth has an animal that aren’t extinct in the zoo, correct?” he said the question to me. “Well, if you mean that there are no dinosaurs in a zoo then yes, all of the animals in the average zoo aren’t extinct.” I said to him to give my answer. “This is what I want you to do, we have our own system of cloning animals from their DNA and I need you to check to see if the cloned eggs have been fertilized. I also want you to take my daughter with you to show her about some ‘real legendary monsters’ and not the ones of phantasy that she reads about.”
Scarlet walked back inside with a mad attitude and put on some clothes that she could get dirty in while walking around in the bio-dome. We then left with our IDs and maps to the science and research building. While walking to our destination, I talked to her about what I do for my job and why I enjoy it. “Well, at least you enjoy the job you like,” said Scarlet in a disappointed voice. “I don’t even know what kind of job fits what I like.” I gave it some thought and then I said with an idea. “How about you do something that you enjoy and see if there’s a job for it, that’s how I got my job.” She pondered for a moment about what I said, “Well I’ve always liked mythology. I just think of how great the stories are, but I enjoy the creatures the most.” “Well there you go,” I said out loud, “now just work from what you enjoy and then you could find your dream job.” “Are you sure about that,” Scarlet said to me with an odd look, “I don’t think that I could find a job about mythology or creatures that don’t exist?” “Hey,” I responded, “you never know until you try.”
Without our method of transportation around the bio-dome, we were unable to travel a long distance in a short amount of time. So our only choice would be for us to travel by foot. We trekked through mud, sand and even climbed cliffs to get through the many environments to reach our destination. The only thing that I wasn’t going to go through would be water, because of my lack of swimming lessons. After some time passed I decided to check on my friends to see if they were done with their assignments. One by one, I received no answer from any of them.
It didn’t make any sense, why wouldn’t they answer? There are no animals inside of the bio-dome. No one else was inside except for us, not even any other scientists or other workers were allowed to enter. I began to wonder what happened to my friends, my mind didn’t make any sense to me. At first, I would think that they’re alright, and then my mind would go blank and think something has happened to them. Then out of nowhere, I was given an S.O.S. message telling me to hurry up to the lab. When we arrived to the lab we saw that my friends were all outside looking alright, no cuts, no bruises and of course no blood on them.
So we walked up to them and asked if they sent the S.O.S. Then, in a split second, Scarlet and I were captured by my friends and they took us to the main lab. “At last,” screamed a voice, “all of the scientists are now here and away from any eyewitnesses.” The lab had sets of chambers and on the sides of them would be the symbol of a person on it; the other had a circle with three animals in it placed vertical in the circle.
Each symbol on the other side was different because one had a bird on it that looked like a phoenix and another one had a Pterodactyl on top, a Triceratops in the middle and a Tyrannosaurus Rex on the bottom all placed in a yellow circle. A mysterious man later showed up with his face covered and his voice altered. “You creep,” shouted Scarlet, “what did you do to these people?!” The shrouded figure walk toward her and said, “I just did a little bio-engineering and pulled out their ‘true selves’, the stuff that I kept now serves me and the rest were placed in cages like the animals they are.” I looked at him and then in his boasting voice said, “This is the future of my society, those who are not one with us shall be removed from their husks like clams.” Then with a quick response Scarlet yelled, “No, you’re the one who should be locked away, took away the team that Kit asked to come here. Now, where are they?! He then had his “guards” pull me into one of the chambers and replied.
“Do not worry; you will join your friends soon, now the rest of you. Take her to the new chamber that was recently installed, I have some experiments to test on her.” He walked away chuckling and taking Scarlet away to a room with that was labeled “new experiment room” on it. I then blacked out; I had no idea what they were doing. After my state of unconsciousness was over, I began to wake up. I then figured out that all of it was just a bad dream that I had.

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