Different Vampire Species

May 2, 2012
By W3relegion BRONZE, Manassas, Virginia
W3relegion BRONZE, Manassas, Virginia
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Firstborn- The original Vampires who were turned by the source virus in 608 B.C. They vary in appearance from large winged creatures to smaller beings. Firstborn carry the sub virus that creates familiars and transfer with just a bite. Weaknesses are fire, silver, concentrated UV rays, removal of heart causes instant death.
Familiar- Familiar is a term that encompasses several different types of Firstborn bitten humans. Familiars are either created by a bite from the firstborn of blood contact with another familiar with the exception of nocturne who turn with a single bite.
Types of Familiars
Strigoi Familiar- Strigoi were the first type of familiar created also known as the old ones. The name Strigoi was branded to these types of Familiars in Romania before the influx of vampire superstition in Western Europe. Strigoi don’t have fangs but rather a full set of retractable teeth hidden in the gums. Strigoi feed on human blood but can also eat and drink normal foods. They have superhuman strength and reflexes as well as heightened sight (Night vision), hearing and smell which is why they are often referred to as the Apex predator. Decapitation Is the only way to kill them surely and instantly but incineration is also a way to kill a Strigoi. Sunlight does not hurt them but they dislike it and can sunburn easily, preferred methods of dispatch are removing or disabling limbs then decapitation. Regeneration is also a factor but only works when a Strigoi has enough blood in its system. They turn by putting blood in another’s system.
Vampir Familiar- Vampir are the traditional Dracula type Vampires and after the “Popular” movies and shows such as Twilight and The Vampire Diaries they have been dubbed “Two fangs” Or “Sparkle Fags” by other Vampires, mainly Strigoi because of the racism between the two types. Vampir have two retractable fangs that are just extensions of their canines. Vampir feed on human or animal blood but many choose to use blood packs because of the invention of UV weapons used by hunters which can kill a Vampir almost instantly. Prolonged exposure to UV rays or concentrated UV wavelengths contained in a UV bullet or lamp will kill a Vampir. Their strengths include regeneration with or without blood in system, super speed and strength, super senses similar to Strigoi (though without night vision and scent) and the ability to compel humans. Weaknesses include UV wavelengths, silver bullets and anything long and sharp that can impale their heart which will kill them instantly. They turn by putting blood in another’s system then killing that person so the immune system shuts down and the virus can take over.
Nocturne Familiar- Nocturne was the military response to Firstborn attacking humans again. The initial idea was to create a day walking vampire that could kill firstborn with superior abilities including invulnerability to sunlight, silver, fire, heart removal or staking and head removal. They also had immense strength and speed but required three times the blood a normal familiar needed and when they were below the required amount they become weaker than a normal familiar and can be killed more easily with UV rounds.
Pseudo Vampires- Pseudo vampires are not actually infected with vampirism but rather have ingested the blood of people who were under the effects of ability altering and enhancement augmentations. Once ingested the person gains the power the blood donor had for a short period of time and require frequent feeding of the same type of augmented blood to survive otherwise there body will start to cannibalize itself. This became a frequent problem after the Tebrin’Yakk and Annunaki invasion when the cryo-preserved project nephilim subjects began roaming the wasteland of North America and western Europe.

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This is just a quick overview of the different Vampires of my fictional universe no Twilight allowed LOL

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