The Legend of Jirigumo

May 15, 2012
By djy95 GOLD, Bloomington, Indiana
djy95 GOLD, Bloomington, Indiana
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Chapter One: Birth of Jirigumo
Once upon a time there was a boy named Tommy J. Franklin. Now he was an odd but smart boy. Now he has his days now and then. The reason why he was so odd was because he carried a spider egg sack around everywhere he went and he even bathed with it. He always hopes that it will hatch soon, but it never seem like it is even alive. So now here lately he’s been really sad because it won’t hatch. day… hatched. When it hatched, only one spider came out of it and Tommy named it Jirigumo. (Two weeks later after hatching Jirigumo has already tripled his size and still is getting bigger as the days go on and on. When Tommy got out of school his mom came to pick him up with Jirigumo in the back. But when Tommy was almost in the truck a car came up real fast and the door on the truck flew shut real fast and opened up again. At that time Tommy suddenly felt a big burst of pain and when he looked down at his leg…and it was gone because when the door slammed shut his leg got cut off. After his mom noticed what had happened she bandaged up his leg and then took him to hospital. When they got to the hospital Tommy felt dizzy and light headed because he had lost a lot of blood.
After an half an hour of being at the hospital Tommy died. After the Mom and Jirigumo heard that Tommy J. Franklin had died, Jirigumo got really mad and started to think of things to do because he had seen the driver and knew who it was and that is John’s Mom. That night he got out of the house and crawled to John’s house and when he got into John’s house he went straight towards John’s Mother’s and then…he put her into a web…he ate her.
Chapter Two: The Kill of John’s Dad

The day after John’s mother died, John’s dad went looking for a new girl, but little did he know that Jirigumo was lurking around waiting to kill him. After a day of shopping with his new girl friend Carmen, John’s Dad went home and took Carmen with him. That night Jirigumo started to plan when to kill and eat John’s Dad. Two weeks later of waiting for John’s Dad to get where he wanted him. Jirigumo went onto the attack. So now John’s Dad is dead and is now in an orphanage and is going through therapy.
Chapter Three: The orphanage
On John’s third week at the orphanage about ten people ended up missing. Who do you think is to blame for the missing orphan? If you guessed Jirigumo your right, but he’s not done yet. Three weeks and one hour earlier Jirigumo and the owner of the orphanage made a deal that Jirigumo was allowed to feed on all kids in the orphanage in return he wouldn’t eat the owner. Now there are only five kids after seven weeks of kids ending up missing. Two weeks later. Now there is only John left in the orphanage.
Chapter Three 12: The Betrail
When the owner was about to feed John to Jirigumo, Jirigumo turned on the owner and ate him instead. After all that Jirigumo and John became the best of friends.
Chapter Four: Friend Then Appetizer
This chapter is all about how they became friends, but let’s get to the good part. One night when John and Jirigumo was sleeping Jirigumo’s stomach growled so loud it woke up both of them, but after a while John finally feel back to sleep, but Jirigumo didn’t and he was still hungry so then he looked at John and he remembered the promise he had made with John was not to betray one another. Jirigumo only made that promise so that the boy would trust him more and he knew that he would get this hungry because he hadn’t eaten in awhile. So now John is dead and Jirigumo is still hungry.
Chapter Five: The Death of Jirigumo
One day later after Jirigumo had eaten John he had started to starve. Two slow days later of him lying hungry he got sick and died because he had starved himself to long. The reason he didn’t eat was because he was more attached to John than he had thought. Ever after that people lived in peace. (At least for a couple of days.)

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