How the Farie Tale Got It's Name

May 20, 2012
By Anonymous

How the Farie Tale got it's name, it's a very interesting story you see. For long, long ago, there was a tiny village of faries living amoungst tall green grass where they made there homes out of leaves and smooth stones, with the sound of the nearby stream to wake them every morning.

They lived a very happy life, of even work and play and help. Everyone was happy... until, one day, the dogs came.

Running and jumpping and casing butterflies and bumble bees, the dogs were so caught up in their game, they did not notice the farie's village. All of the faries few away before the dogs got to them, and vowed never to return. All the faries were gone; all except one.

She was playing in the stream when the dogs came running and did not hear them. When she returned to her village she found the pack of dogs, with their heads held low.

"We are sorry," said the talled of the pack, "we did not mean to run the faries out, we were not being careful."

The little farie forgave the pack of dogs, and in gratitude for the farie's forgiveness, the dogs let the farie live amoungst them.

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