part 2: pharoh's cure

May 18, 2012
By Frozenfromfeels1 PLATINUM, Cinncinati, Ohio
Frozenfromfeels1 PLATINUM, Cinncinati, Ohio
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as i quickly grabbed the necklace of queen hatshepsut hoping with all my might this wasn't a trap involved in taking the egyptian queen's necklace. i grab the necklace, there is a rumble from somewhere in the tomb but nearby, then i see it!,a huge boulder rolling towards me! i put the necklace in my pocket and run but then i see that the boulder has stopped a few feet from me because the quicksand is quickly filling in! i grab my bag where all of my adventure gear is and use my gloves with the suction cups and boots, and i slowly climb up the wall and across the ceiling to the door which i dart under just as it closes.

to be continued in part 3: the temple of mirrors

The author's comments:
enjoy part 2 of this little adventure series thing i am working on :)

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