May 18, 2012
By GleeLover1234 BRONZE, Alton, New Hampshire
GleeLover1234 BRONZE, Alton, New Hampshire
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I feel scared like there’s no way out. No windows or doors. I feel blank and sad, sad that I can’t see outside, sad that I can’t see the light of the sun. All of what has happened makes me want to scream! I’m all alone trapped in this little room thinking about what happened that night. Clausterfobicness takes over me; it makes it hard to breath. Someone locked me in here. My worst enemy, the person who put me in here was a friend. Then at that moment when I was going to give up I see a door. Bright red, I look at it wondering if it’s a trap. I decide to walk over to walk over slowly. It creeps open, bright lights and fog fills the room. I hear footsteps. I quickly close the door and hide, hide for my life. When the footsteps fade away I get back up on my feet, I’m ready to get out of here. Something falls to the ground, I jump and look around.
It’s a key; it fell out of my pocket when I got up! The key was old fashion and had rust all around it. The key didn’t go to the door that was already open. I knew that the only way to find out what the key is for is if I go in the room filled with smoke. It was a risk, a major one who knew what was in there. I open the red door, smoke pours out. I slowly walk through the room, everything’s white. One thing sticks out, a chest. It was huge; this chest was the same color of the door. As I approach the chest the red door behind me slams shut. I run over panicking, the door was locked tight. That was the only place that I knew, but now it’s gone. Now I’m left with the chest, a chest in a place that you would see in a scary movie. I knew that my friend was behide this, she wanted to make me suffer. I knew I shouldn’t have left her in the woods that night. Now she has scars all over her face, but she would never tell me what happened. As I opened the chest I realized that I was wrong. All there was in the chest was a note; the note said “YOU LOSE!” I gasp in fear, what will happen now? Even though I already knew, I was stuck in here FOREVER.

The author's comments:
This was originally a school assignment but I kept working on it at home and school with my teacher (who helped me a lot.) So this is how it came out hope you enjoy it!

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