The Wolf Inside

May 18, 2012
By HeidiCurfman BRONZE, Greencastle, Pennsylvania
HeidiCurfman BRONZE, Greencastle, Pennsylvania
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The Wolf Inside

The patterned light pigmented flames covering my body ignite in an iridescent sapphire blue. A rush of adrenaline pulsing through my veins, blood rushing to my face and fingertips, a burning sensation with every convulsion; and yet I feel no pain. My bones extend and strengthen, crackle and grind as they shift into place. A scream escapes my raw throat, yet not a sound is heard. I feel the convulsions coming to a halt as the shifting of my bones stop. The burst of adrenaline finally escaping my blood stream, a rough growl billows up in the back of my throat; opening what used to be my mouth, an earsplitting howl leaves my lips.
I jolted out of bed, panting, with only little breath left in my body. “It was all a dream,” I sighed. “Oh thank god.” I grasped my chest trying to catch a breath as I looked down at my flame patterned birthmarks that cover my now pale skin, making sure they weren’t glowing some ridiculous color. I had those dreams quite frequently, but none have been so detailed, vivid, or lifelike. I layed in bed for what seemed like hours, pondering my dream, but my thoughts were interrupted when my mom burst through the door singing: “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Raelynn, happy birthday to you!”
“Ugh, I forgot today was my birthday! When does the singing stop?” I groaned.
It was my birthday, not just any birthday, but my sixteenth birthday. “Honey, aren’t you going to eat your birthday breakfast?” My mom asked disappointedly.
“Yes mom. Thank you so much, but you’re going to make me late for school, unless I can skip today?” I joked. She just laughed and walked out the door. I just couldn’t forget about that dream. I started thinking that it didn’t really happen, that I imagined the whole thing, but it felt so real.
Ever since grade school people have made fun of my birthmarks. With a tan complexion, it isn’t too easy to hide the flames that cover the entire area of my body except a small place over my heart. I grew tired of explaining to people why I had them; they always thought I was a freak anyway, so I made it interesting. In fifth grade I told everyone that I was a ghost that traveled the world and learned all different customs and they were projected onto my skin. No one believed me, but they still considered me a disease.

Sitting through a seven hour school day was hard; I figured that once I arrived at school the thoughts about the dream would stop, but really it just allowed my mind more time to soar through the possibilities. I tried to think of reasons as to why I would have the dreams like, maybe I ate something too close to bedtime, or maybe I was exposed to something I was allergic to and had a reaction, but my theories didn’t make sense.
Everyday on my walk home from school I’d get the mail out of our mailbox, but instead of the usual bills, there was a package. A large package; and it was addressed to me. I took the large brown, worn down box up to my bedroom and found scissors to cut the piece of tape that held down the flaps, but as soon as I stuck the tape with the scissors’ blade, the tape tore itself in half and floated to the floor. It was as if some magical force told the tape to do so.
“Weird,” I mumbled to myself, as I tore at the remaining tape and opened the flaps. I discovered as I opened the box, a stone. One single stone. The stone was the size of an egg, with various shades of blue swirling into one another. I picked up the smooth, azure stone and held it in my hand, immediately I shivered, something was cold and mysterious about the stone.
Once I was done pondering my gift, I went to throw away the box. I caught a glimpse of something white inside; it was a note.
On your sixteenth year, the fire inside your soul will consume your being. The adrenaline in your veins will burst with anticipation. The anger in your heart will take over your mentality, for it has been hidden for centuries; and one day, my dear Raelynn, you will be free. We ALL will be free.
My heart was pounding as I set the note back down on the table. Immediately I thought the worst, “I have a stalker” I thought aloud. I gathered up the mysterious gifts and went to throw them into the trash because they were sending me creepy vibes, but as soon as they hit the bottom of the trashcan, I broke into a fierce sweat. The hair on my arms stood on end as I glanced over to where the stone was laying and saw it gleaming an intense blue, like a newly polished sapphire would when under the sun. My eyes widened at the recollection of my dream; a burning sensation engulfed my nerves as my body convulsed.
I looked down at my limbs in terror as I fell to the floor. My flame birthmarks ignited in a rich sapphire blue. I felt every bone in my body begin to move and grind together. My bones were shifting with every convulsion; I could feel the adrenaline pulsing through my blood stream as my muscles grew with strength. A noise built up in the back of my throat; once the convulsions stopped, a howl escaped my new mouth. I got up to run to my mirror, but I collapsed to the ground. I frantically crawled to the opposite side of my room where my mirror was and what I saw staring back at me was a wolf, with white patterned flames covering its light-gray fur. I picked up my hand and punched the mirror, and in the broken pieces of glass that were covering the floor, was the reflection of the wolf; it was me.
I ran over to the trashcan to get the stone but it was gone. I looked everywhere, all through my room until I caught a glimpse of something shiny on top of the table; the stone. I leaped to the table and pawed at the stone, but the stone disintegrated into ashes at my touch. The ashes rose off the table and swirled into the shape of a square. The ashes turned white and floated down to the table; it was a note.
Howl my pup, feel the power inside your heart. You bear the magic inside your veins. Set us free my Raelynn; this is your Alpha, and soon you will know what to do.
A rush of adrenaline once again pushed the blood through my veins to my face and my heart started racing. My eyes grew wide with ferociousness, as a deep roar was released from my throat.
The wolf in me was strong; I would no longer be a disease to everyone, I was in control, well, the wolf was.

The author's comments:
I am a very imaginative person. I like to believe that anything is possibly and I always try to expect the unexpected.

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