Timmy Nosaur

May 17, 2012
By Anonymous

Timmy Nosaur was a normal little boy. However, one day, everything changed quite suddenly. He woke up as he normally did and as groggily as ever. His mom and dad were still sleeping, so he was careful not to disturb them. Although, this morning it seemed especially hard, he seemed so heavily footed like his feet were made of lead. He made his breakfast and since he was craving meat this morning, he decided to heat up some frozen sausages in the microwave.

When he got out to the bus stop he had a strange desire to eat the other kids waiting at the bus stop. Weirdly, once he got there, the other kids ran away screaming.

“Oh well,” he thought, “they are just messing with me,”

The bus never came, so Timmy walked to school that morning. It was an exhilarating walk and little Timmy was ready for school. He got there and all the kids were snickering at hem. Then the school bully and his goonies came over.

“What is that?” Cameron the head bully asked contemptuously.

“I rawrm Timmy Nosrawr. Leave me arwarn.” Timmy replied with a strange voice that sounded like a grater.

“Wow! It talks!” The bully Lieutenant, James, exclaimed as they walked away laughing.

Timmy immediately thundered through the hallways towards the bathroom. Once he got there he couldn’t believe what used to be his normal human eyes.


What Timmy saw was definitely not normal. He was now 7 feet tall and had green plate scales all over his body. His eyes were now yellow with reptilian slits. Yikes! He even had a tail. What Timmy saw was a young Tyrannosaurus Rex. He was the T-rex. He slowly backed away and broke into a fast canter. People ran away screaming.

Timmy ran as far as he could as fast as he could. He ran into the woods and finally came to a stop next to a creek. He knew he couldn’t go back, society would never accept him; even though he was still Timmy on the inside, he was now a beast on the outside. He knew his mother and sister did strange witch-like things and figured they would be his best bet. But, how would he make sure they knew it was him? He finally, after much deliberation, decided to go and just wing it.

Timmy made it home after traveling through the dank, dark city streets. The lights were on in the house, so, he figured it was now or never and broke down the door and stepped inside.

“Herawr?” He asked hesitantly.

His mother ad sister came out from the kitchen.

“Oh, Timmy! We’ve been worried sick about you! I see we used the wrong spell. Hmmm, Michelle why don’t you go get the spell book on reversal spells.” Timmy’s mom said.

“I don’t know, I think we should keep him like this, it brings out his true self. Don’t ya think?” Michelle said sarcastically.


“Okay, okay, I’m going. Sheesh!”

“Well Timmy, why don’t you sit down?” Timmy’s mom told him.


“How graceful!”

Just then Michelle returned. They preformed the reverser spell and Timmy had an odd tingling sensation all over his body. The next thing he knew, he was waking up in his bed back to his normal, Timmy self. He got up and went into the living room where his mother and sister were.

“I had the strangest dream where I was a dinosaur and you two were witches. Weird huh?”

“Very” they replied in unison and smiled strangely at each other as though they experienced the same thing.

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