Aurora and Kagors Creations

May 17, 2012
At the beginning of time there were the heavens and the earth. The sky goddess. Aurora, lived in the heavens, and Kagor lived on earth. At that time there were no living things on the earth. One day Aurora went to the one planet, called earth. When she got there she saw just sand, she walked a little ways and then she saw a man rise out of the sand. It was Kagor the earth god. Kagor thought she was the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. They fell in love at once. A year later they had 4 children. When each of them were born, a magical thing happened. When Selena the water goddess was born, water appeared on the earth. Then Winfer the god of wind was born, and there was wind. Then Lion the god of the animals was born, and then there were animals of all kinds. Then finally Treea the tree goddess, was born. 15 years went past and the gods and goddesses lived in harmony.

Then Lion was thinking that the planet needed something more. He went to Kagor and told him this. Kagor said “like what?”

“People like us, but with no powers.” So the gods and goddesses made people out of the sand. For a little while the gods and goddesses lived in harmony with the people. Then the people wanted the earth for their own, so there was a great battle for who would own the earth. Through all the fighting Winger was slashed with a sword, and he died right there. No one saw him fall, and the fighting went on. When it stopped, Treea saw one of her brothers dead on the ground. The gods and goddesses were so sad that Kagor decided that the gods and goddesses will live in the heavens and the people will live on earth. So it was done. Still mourning the loss of Winger, the gods and goddesses left the earth and never returned.

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ToraNoKage said...
Sept. 9, 2012 at 4:09 pm
That's a really interesting creation story! :)
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