Electro Boy

May 11, 2012
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There once was a young man named Z Moore, who was just a regular sixteen year old high school student delivering packages to people. Z was the only child his parents Mr. and Mrs. Moore had. One rainy night, Z had to deliver one more package; it was small in size, but kind of heavy in weight. Then all of a sudden, Errr! Boom! Bang! Crash! Z was hit by a truck and passed out after seeing a bright and shiny blue light. Two years later, Z woke up in the hospital from a coma; he was surrounded by his parents, a nurse, and a doctor named Dr. Green.
Everyone was shocked to see that Z had awakened from his coma. His appearance had changed, he looked taller and muscular than before, and his eyes and hair changed from brown to blue. Dr. Green had never seen anything like this before, after taking x-rays, the doctor found nothing wrong with Z. Dr. Green asked Z, “What is the last thing you remember that night you were hit by a car?” Z replied saying, “All I remember is after I was hit by the car, the package I had to deliver started shining a blue bright light.” After getting checked, Z was sent home by his doctor. A few days later, Z was delivering packages again. “Yo Z, what’s up,” said his friends Ned and Ted, who were twins that were about the same age as Z. They were short in height and it was kind of hard to tell them apart. They both had Black hair and grey eyes. “Nothing much,” said Z. “We heard what happened, are you alright?” said Ned. “Hey what happened to you? You look so different,” said Ted. “I don’t know, I woke up from my coma like this,” said Z. “Hey guys,” said Sara, who also was a friend of Z. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a few freckles on her cheeks and Z has a big crush on her. “Hey Sara,” Z, Ned, and Ted said. “Hey Z are you okay? I heard what happened and you look different,” Sara said. “Ye...Ye...Yea I’m okay, but I don’t know what really happened to me that night I was hit by that car.” Z said while stuttering. Well alright guys I’m going to head back home now I’ll see y’all later. “Okay bye,” said Ned, Ted, and Sara.
While Z walking back home, a huge man who had on some dark jeans and gray boots, walked up to Z. As he got closer, Z could see his appearance. The man had a metal right arm with skin that was a dull tan color. His eyes were both red; his legs were as muscular as a bull’s leg, he also had large hands and a bald head with a scar across his forehead. Out of fear, Z quickly started running away from the man. “Faster, faster, faster,” said Z to himself. Still running, Z turned his head to see how far he had go run away from the man, when he turned the man disappeared then Z immediately stopped running. When Z turned back around, the man was in front of him, he grabbed Z by his neck and said, “Give me the energy orb?” Z said to the huge man with a deep voice, “I don’t know what you are talking about.” Then all of a sudden, blue static shot out of Z’s body creating a blue electric orb around him, and causing the huge man to be pushed away. Z could not believe what happened; the huge man vanished in a blink of an eye. “What has happened to me?” Z said to himself. The blue electric orb faded away, and then Z ran home and made it just in time for dinner. While eating dinner with his family, Z thought about all that happened that afternoon.

Later that night, a tall shadow appeared in Z’s room saying, “Z you are in grave danger, you have a great power.” Z replied frightfully, “Who’s there?” The voice continued, “That night you were hit by a car, the package you were delivering, was a blue energy orb from outer space. Z said, “What is an energy orb?” The voice replied saying, “Each energy orb contains natural element powers and dwells inside the person who have it. There are only three of these orbs that I know of. The red orb has the power of fire, the green orb has the power of earth, and the blue sphere, which you posses Z, has the power of electricity.” Z said to the shadow, “There was a huge guy with red eyes and a metal arm, trying to kill me today. Who was he and what did he want from me?” The Alex answered, “His name is Bruce, and he has the power of the red energy orb. He wants to take your energy orb that is inside of you. If he obtains it, he will become very strong and hard to stop. You have great powers Z; it is only you who can activate those powers. ” “Who are you?”Z said. “My name is Alex, and I have the power of the green energy orb. I don’t know who I really am; all I know is just a little about of my past. I want to know who I am and use my powers for good.” Alex replied. Then Z switched on his lamp, and finally saw the physical appearance of Alex. He was a tall and lanky young man with green eyes and hair. He wore a white t-shirt and some dark jeans. One half of his face was covered in grass; that was part of his skin. The veins in his arms appeared to be a dark green color. “So how are we going to stop Bruce?” Z said. “First things first, you need to get control of your powers by training yourself. We have to work together by using both our powers. I have been fighting Bruce for a long time, but now it is time for me to stop running away.” Alex said. With confidence, Z said, “I will work on controlling my powers.” Then with a blink of an eye, Alex vanished.

The next day, after school, Z went to an old abandon warehouse house not too far from his home, to work on being able to control his powers. After a whole week of training himself, Z was now able to control his powers. With Z not knowing, Alex kept an eye on him; he was amazed at how Z was able to control his powers in such little time. Meanwhile, in a dark cave not too far away, Bruce was on his way to destroy Z and take his energy orb. One rainy afternoon, while Z was training a huge fireball came rushing at him, and with quick reflexes, Z was able to dodge the fireball, which ended up hitting some trees; catching them on fire.

Out of thin air, Bruce appeared with a very aggressive look on his face. Out of rage, Bruce started rushing at Z. You could feel the pounding of Bruce’s footsteps on the ground. Then in a split second, Alex shot out of the ground punching Bruce in the chin, making Bruce to fly and crash into the walls of the abandon warehouse. Now this is the battle Z and Alex had been waiting for. Bruce appeared again ready to fight; he shot a fire blast out of his mouth aiming at Alex and Z. Alex created a wooden wall to block the fire blast, then Z shot electric bolts at Bruce injuring him. Next, Alex wrapped Bruce with some tree vines, but they were useless against him. Breaking free from the vines, Bruce grabbed Alex by his neck. “Put him down!” Z shouted. Then slowly, Bruce brought out a blade from the side of his boot, stabbing Alex in his chest multiple times. “No!!!” Z shouted. Then the ground began shaking, Z’s eyes began to glow bright blue, his veins began bulging from his head, and blue static shot out of his body. Z then started forming an electric bomb out of thin air with his hands. “This is for Alex!” said Z furiously while throwing the electric bomb hitting Bruce and killing him instantly. The battle was furious and tough, but good prevailed over evil. Bruce’s body was badly burned and covered in blood. Returning back to his normal form, Z slowly walked up to Alex who whispered to him, “Z there are many people like us in the world who have energy orbs. It is your job to defeat the evil ones and team up with the ones who are good. While crying, Z said, “I will become a hero and do what is right.” Then Alex slowly died in Z’s arms. After burying Alex, Z quickly began running home, making it back just in time for dinner.

Later that night, before he went to bed, Z began to think about he thought about all that occurred that day and finally realized what he must do. “I will be a hero and do what is right and protect the innocent. My name shall be Electro Boy.” The End.

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Zombiekityy said...
May 21, 2012 at 10:37 am
I liked how you developed the character and made Z seem like such a good guy. You are a very good writer. :)
Henry_M. replied...
May 25, 2012 at 10:16 am
Thank you very much...it was also a school project too
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