Adam's socks.

May 11, 2012
By screenname12589529 BRONZE, Sherburn, Minnesota
screenname12589529 BRONZE, Sherburn, Minnesota
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There is a guy named Adam Kliene. He is a sock collector. He has collected 386 pairs of socks. He has all sorts of socks long, short, purple, and white. His favorite color sock is brown. The only reason he likes brown socks is because that is the color of his room. He painted his room brown because that is the cheapest color of paint he could find. Adam also has a brown dog, brown house, and brown shoes. He must like brown?

One day Adam went crazy and started to burn his socks. His sister came over and smelt something coming from the basement. She journeyed down to find Adam burning some of his socks. She grabbed the lighter out of his hand and stared yelling at him. He was confused on why he was yelling at her. She took him to an insane asylum where he stayed for 10 years. The first day he was there he made a friend. His friends name was Norm. Norm also went crazy when he was collecting shoes. He started cooking his shoes in a big pot over an open flame. The next week or so Adam started being made fun of. He hated that place and the people that were there. He has only been there a week. He doesn’t know what he is going to do. He can’t stand being there for 10 years. He will go even more insane then he already is! People keep making fun of Adam because he collects socks. There is nothing he can do about it. Everybody does something weird. So one day Adam made a “people he is going to kill” list. There were 7 guys on there. He hated every single one of them. All because they made fun of his sock collection. He thought of seven different ways he can kill a person. He had the perfect plans all written out on a napkin. Norm saw it and said he wanted to help. Together Adam and Norm created a new pokemon named Gigantor. Gigantor was 8 feet tall 350 pounds. He cound not be stopped. Nothing could get in his path if he was on a mission to kill. Gigantor only liked 2 people and 2 things; Adam, Norm, brown socks, and shoes. That’s it. When Adam got out of the insane asylum, he was back to normal. Not collecting socks, and not wanting to kill people. It was just him, his dog and Gigantor living together in Adam’s brown house. One day Adam left his house to go get groceries and he met up with Norm. They hung out all the time. One day they got married. They became the happiest couple ever. Those two, Gigantor, and the dog have now all taken over the world and they will live to be happily ever after. Until they die!
The end..

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