May 10, 2012
By Mariah Osburn BRONZE, Overland Park, Kansas
Mariah Osburn BRONZE, Overland Park, Kansas
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The sun broke the horizon as I stepped outside, the sky exploded into color. Another day had begun. Wind rustled my dress and blew my hair to the side. Snow started to fall but I didn’t mind it, I was looking out over the forest. My step mother told me never to leave the castle, but being shut inside was irritable. Our castle stood just beyond the forest and across the lake from the village. The village was always lively, my step mother was a good queen, my father the best king. They loved me and I loved them very much too, but staying inside was becoming boring, so I left. I ran away, taking only a basket of food. Leaving all my dresses behind I took men’s pants and a shirt then left.

I wandered through the woods for hours, it soon got dark and very cold. I sought refuge in an old cave. sleep came easily for me, and I slept until late morning. After I woke the cave was searched, but the only items to be found were old clothes, pots, and a bow with five arrows. The bow was most useful, all day I taught myself how to aim, fire, and hit the target. This practice kept up for several days, and one night I was lucky enough to have rabbit for dinner. I went to bed early every night but never slept. My parents were sending guards through the woods looking for me. I didn’t want to be caught, I didn’t want to go back to the palace.

After about a month of my escape the searches stopped, but one night as I lay awake staring into the empty darkness I heard voices. They were male voices, but not deep enough to be palace guards. They knew I was there but they didn’t show there faces. At first I thought they were just passing by, but when I heard them say “Just wait till she goes to sleep, she doesn’t have much, but the bow and the arrows gotta be worth somethin.” At this I grabbed it and knocked the arrow, pointing it straight at the voices I said “What do you want.” It wasn’t a question and I needed no answer, but I walked towards them anyway. Three men were standing at the entrance to the cave and they looked amused that I had the arrow pointed at them. “I’ll try one more time, what do you want?” This time it was a question and they knew I meant it. “Nothin’ lady, ‘cept, we wanna know why your out in the woods all by your lonesome?” The man that spoke had a beard and had clearly not bathed for a few weeks. I loosened up on the arrow, and told the man I had run away, and intended to stay away. “Alrighty then lady, whats your name?” The first man again, he had bad breath too. I figured from drinking too much. “My name is Ivy. Whats yours?” No answer, they stood there staring at me with mouths open. “Ya, i’m the princess. You can close your mouths now.” They did with a snap, and they seemed to stand a little straighter too, I was getting annoyed and the night was getting along. “Who are you?” I tried one more time and I was rewarded. The first man was called Argos, fit him perfectly. The second man was a bit shorter than Argos, but he was at least clean, he still had a beard though. He was called Terris. The third man was clean shaven, shaggy hair, and a kind face, he almost looked familiar to me, and the best looking of the three. He was called Waylen. “Well Miss Ivy how would like a better place to stay?” Terris asked the question this time, and I nodded. I decided they could be trusted, so I followed them to their home where I was given a room and privacy. I was asleep as soon as my head was on the pillow.

I woke from sleep suddenly, but kept my eyes closed. Through slits I surveyed the room, safe. Laying on the bed was a white shirt that laced up the front, a blue shrug, and blue jeans. Earrings were on the dresser, new bow and arrows were in the corner along with a sword. I changed into what was laid out, braided my hair back and went downstairs.

“Mornin’ Ivy!” I was shocked, there were seven men in the room, not many of them over the age of thirteen. I didn’t know who had spoke so I just smiled at all of them, and couldn’t help but giggle a little. “Whats so funny?” a random voice, “Well it’s just that, you remind me of the seven dwarfs from Snow White. Except, you’re not dwarfs.” It was hard not to laugh. “Well, we are runaways if that counts, well most of us.” it was Terris “And, we make a livin’ by thievin’!” “TERRIS.” Everybody had shouted at once but all I could do was laugh, “how old are you boys?” “About, well, maybe twelve or thirteen, Waylen here is the eldest! He is...lets see, I think it’s seventeen.” “I’m eighteen Flare.” “Oh ya! Thats right! Sorry Waylen.” first time Waylen had spoke since I met the boys. “So Ivy, how old are you?” “I am eighteen also!” “Hey! Cool, you and Waylen are the oldest!!”

They ate breakfast like wolfs, I ate in the kitchen where I could be alone. Afterwards I went outside and was pleasantly surprised. The forest was beautiful in the morning, and there was a horse off in the distance. As I walked towards it the horse became what he was, a dragon. I kept towards it, behind me the boys had come outside. “Ivy! Leave him be, that thing is a beast.” I turned and saw them all stop except for Waylen. I turned back around and was face to face with dragon. “Ivy, slowly back up.” Waylen’s smooth voice didn’t penetrate my ears. Slowly I reached my hand out to the creature. He slowly came closer. “Ivy.” Still not hearing him I stepped closer. The creature knew he could trust me, but wouldn’t come for a reason I knew. Slowly I took away the sword, bow and arrows from my person. The dragon stepped closer, and my hand met his cool rough skin. As I rubbed my hand up his nose a charge went from him to me. The pain was so overwhelming I screamed then crumbled to the ground.

In a dream I walked with dragon, and he told me all that happened. “Ivy, because you are fare and pure. You care for the safety of others. And, since you put away your weapons for me, I give you a gift that only people can dream of. I am giving you responsibility along with this gift. You can now become what you want whenever you want. But Ivy, people will want to take this from you, people will be jealous or afraid. Someone like you is rare, and I want you to be able to live on forever and keep pureness in this world.”

I woke staring at the ceiling, all the boys around me. I smiled and began my new life.

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