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May 10, 2012
By The_Silent_Writer BRONZE, Davisburg, Michigan
The_Silent_Writer BRONZE, Davisburg, Michigan
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Slowly walking through the forest, illuminated by the soft lunar rays, Seishou made his way to the river to rest after his day of training. Exhausted, he dropped to his knees, and dove his entire head in the water for a drink. While submerged the waves brought a faint noise to his ears. Pop, gargle pop. He hastily pulled his head out of the shining lake to scan his surroundings. "Who else could be here? Law had left this morning, and no one else can even get close to this place." He thought to himself as he panned his head. Out of the corner of his eyes Seishou noticed a small glimmer, a sparkle in the lake.
He rubbed his chin gently as he pondered what could be out there. Before he could grasp the situation he found him self already in the lake swimming towards the sparking water. As Seishou arrived at the spot he figured out the pillar of bubbles were what had caught his eye. When gazing down into the dimly lit lake he saw a young, white haired girl flailing under the water. Her image slowly began to shrink as every moment passed, and every movement of hers became more sluggish. “What is going on here?” was his only thought as took a deep breath, and chased after the white haired girl. Seishou was soon met with a surge of air bubbles, shining in the moonlight. "Time is running out!" he screamed in his head as he dived deeper into the depths of the lake. The light began to fade away from the lake as he got closer to the girl, and the darkness was slowly starting to consume her starlight hair. A soft green light began to envelope his hand, slowly growing more intense. The light began to take the shape of a blade right on top of his right wrist. For a short moment the lake was illuminated in a green flash, but as the light went out darkness quickly swallowed the forest again. Swish! Swoosh! Slash! The being pulling the girl now began emitting crimson ooze into the lake, making it even harder to see. The girl began to slowly float back up to the surface, yet the little air in her lungs was soon to run out. Time was not to be wasted. Seishou grabbed the girl in his left arm, and darted towards the surface.

He set her on her back, and tried to remember what little his mentor Jeremy taught him of first aide. A revelation happened in Seishou’s mind, images flowing of what Jeremy had taught him came rushing back. It was then he realized that Jeremy taught him nothing. "The best way to do first aide is not to need it". Seishou sighed, but it was one mixed with relief. He managed to remember what his friend Stew had taught him about first aide in the process. Seishou hastily began to work; performing mouth-to-mouth, praying it was not too late. The girl let out a few loud coughs, and the water that was in her lungs. Thump! Seishou fell back onto a tree trunk and smiled. The girl was alive, and that was enough for him. He quickly began work on making a fire so that the two of them would stay warm for the night.
On his way back from gather firewood he ran across a giant catfish beached upon the sands of shore. It was covered in cuts and gashes, still fresh, emitting a slight crimson trickle. “So this is the beast that caused such a ruckus. “ he pondered. With a quick flick of the wrist he slung the fish over his shoulder and began to make his way back the fire. After stabbing a stick through the mighty beast he began to cook it. His eyes wandered to the girl. "Hope she likes fish." he said aloud while listening to the crackling of the fire.

Lost in the colors of the fire for hours, he waited for signs of life from the white haired girl. He heard her grunt, a smile crept across his face as it seemed she would be waking up soon.
Groggy, and confused the girl awoke. She sprang to her feet “Who the heck are you!” she hollered while greeting Seishou with a kunai to the neck. The young white haired boy leaned back against tree. “Calm down, no one is going to hurt you here. Well at least I am not going to.” He finished his sentence with a rather disturbing chuckle. Seishou motioned over to the fire, and the fish that was looming over it. “Go get some food, I am sure you are hungry after the escapade you had tonight.” Grrrrr…. The girl’s stomach roared, which only made Seishou chuckle, though this did not amuse the white haired girl. “Answer my question damnit! Who the hell are you, and why am I here!?!” she said while adding more pressure to the blade on Seishou’s neck. “I am Seishou, Seishou Eri. It is a pleasure to meet you Madam.” He said with a smile. “Our lovely dinner guest over there is the one who took you out for your midnight swim I found you on” Seishou said while motioning to the fish.

A slight sting came from Seishou’s arm as he pushed the girl’s arm down, and handed her some Catfish. Glancing at the source of discomfort he noticed that his bandages were now cherry red, and waving in the wind. With a small sigh he began remove the bandages on his arm to reveal nothing but mangled flesh. It looked as if he had tried to fight a cheese grater and lost. Reaching into the small bag on his side he obtained some bandages, still dripping from their swim earlier. He rung out the dripping bandages then proceeded to re-bandage his right arm. Pulling the knot tight with his teeth, and left arm he turned back to the girl with a reddened face. "That probably did not help your appetite, Sorry. My wound from earlier reopened from our evening swim". Looking into her eyes Seishou smiled. "You have nice eyes you know" he said, resting his back against a rock. The girls face turned strawberry pink. “I forgot to ask, what is your name?"

End of Character one perspective

Moon stared as the light from the fire danced in her lavender eyes. The sight of the flames sent her into a different world, or more accurately a different time. Her mind drifted back to when she was her child. Memories of her mother and father filled her mind. Their love. Their teachings. Their death. She remembered all to clearly seeing her family fall to a man with green in a matter of seconds, her being unable to move, and completely shaken. Watching as the man continued to slaughter her village her world began to shatter. Quickly, one by they collapsed beneath his power. The man was gone with the dawning of the sun, almost as if it was all a bad dream. That was not the case, the flames of her town were forever scorched into her memory, and the screams of her family would never stop echoing in her mind.

As the days turned into weeks she moved throughout the remains of her village; horrified by the works of the green haired man. She slowly dug every a for everyone who had fallen that night. Sweat was falling off her face by the time she was done. Sluggishly trudging up the hill she arrived at the pile of ashes that were once what she called home a few moons ago. Like an oasis in the middle of a desert the girl opened the glass case, untouched by the flames, containing her mother’s armor and weapons. It was there she took a vow to avenge her family and the fallen town people.

She pulled the drawer beneath the glass cabinet to reveal her mother’s armor, seemingly unscathed from the fire. Moon moved through the ashes to find her father’s weapons, hook canes and some kunais. The armor was a bit big on her, which made it hard to move, but with a heavy heart she began to press on, As she walked on the scene grew black and a white flash filled the word.

She nearly leaped when she heard the boy's grunt. The world of her past fractured, and Moon came crashing back into reality. Instincts lead her to attempt drawing her weapons, but she managed to quell the urge. She looked down at her lap to see some Catfish lying there. As if she had not eaten in weeks she gorged herself in the meal. The boy apologized for the site of his arm, which she simply responded to with a forgiving shrug while stuffing her face.

“My name is Moon” her voice dry as a desert. She ignored the boy's compliment, but could not hold back the slight blush that came across her face. She glared at the boy who seemed to stare at her in disbelief. “That is my real name boy! Don't give me that look!” The boy shrugged a bit, as he seemed to be biting his tongue now in hopes of not offending her. “Thank you for the meal. I guess I owe you one.” A little irritation was carried with her voice. Moon was not someone who liked being in debt, or owing someone favors.

The young ninja thought back to earlier this evening, and how she was practicing her Suitonjutsu (hiding/escaping by means of water). Everything seemed to be going as usual until she turned around to head back up to the surface. At least she thought she was until something sharp gripped her foot. She didn’t pay mind to it till she was being pulled down. The beast, who she was ironically eating right now, bit harshly on her ankle, and gasp in pain. Bubbles rushed out of her lungs, and water rushed in. Her movements slowed and her lavender eyes slipped shut; a few shimmering spheres floated aimlessly from her mouth.

Next thing she knew, the white haired girl was coughing up the water on the beach, lying on her back. Her lungs burned in pain, respiratory system desperately trying to regain oxygen. Lavender finally met the world again when she opened her eyes and saw a teenager soaked to the brim with white hair and sea foam green eyes.

As the weeks passed the two got rather close. Moon learned Seishou was an apprentice to Jeremy Fitch who lived in the forest she had decided to train in for the past couple weeks. He was cheeky but somewhat bearable and once the post traumatic stress was over she found herself bickering with him almost every day over trivial matters.

A few moons had passed since her adventure in the river, and curiosity began to run wild between the two. The nights were usually filled with questions or bickering between the two white haired teenagers. Coming to learn where Seishou was from, The EDT Academy, she asked if it was okay to tag along. It sounded like a decent place to her; plus it was situated in Nevada. No water sounded pleasant to her in any sense. As she packed up her stuff into a small bag and her weapon into their respective holsters, Moon couldn’t help but think of home on that fateful day. Back to the vow she had made over her family's final resting place.

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