Unexpected Visitors

May 10, 2012
By Anonymous

“Man, you were crazy last night!” My roommate, Gabby, sounded louder, and more annoying than usual.
I grunted in response, sitting up in bed. “What time is it?” I asked, blinking.
Gabby laughed. “One thirty.”
“Do we have coffee? I need coffee.”
Gabby stood up. “You know that doesn’t actually cure a hangover, right?”
“Tell that to my headache,” I muttered.
Gabby returned with a cup of coffee. “You’re a hot mess,” Gabby said matter of fact.
“Why did you let me do that last night?” I asked.
Gabby chuckled. “At the time it seemed like a good idea.”
“When is letting me play five rounds of beer pong ever a good idea?”

Gabby grinned, but before she could respond the doorbell rang.

“Hold that thought,” Gabby said as she got up to answer the door. She was gone for a while.

When she returned she looked panic stricken. “Nora, c’mon.” She dragged me to the TV. “Look.”

I wasn’t sure of what exactly I was looking at. It was supposed to be downtown, but it didn’t look like it. Fire was everywhere, people were screaming, and…

“What the hell is that?”

We stared intently at the TV. “Oh my God, Nora,” Gabby whispered. “ I think it’s an alien.”

“They came back for me,” I whispered.

“What did you-” Gabby started.
There was a knock at our door interrupting her. “Earthling, we demand entry into your home.”
“F***,” I muttered. “Why do my parents visit when I’m hung over?”

After waking up with hangover I didn’t want to do anything. My roommate kept bothering me with stupid stuff, until she forced me to watch our town being destroyed on TV by, get this, aliens. I suddenly realized that I had way bigger problems than a hangover. My parents had come back to visit me.

Hangover. Aliens parents are visiting. F***.

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