The Football Field Ghost

May 3, 2012
By Anonymous

Adam Anderson was the brother of Annie Anderson. Adam loved to pick on his sister. One night, Adam went for his usual midnight run to stay in shape for football season, which started in three weeks. Adam was the superstar of the football team. He was also really big in the community.

The next morning after the run, his parents noticed that his running shoes were still missing from the previous night. They called the police and filed a missing persons report. When the police started looking for him they used the search dogs, and they found his body on the football field. He was dead. The police brought his body to the funeral home for the parents to identify the body although everyone already knew that was him. When the parents came and noticed it was him, they asked what happened. The mortician couldn’t give them an explanation all he could say that he died suddenly and out of nowhere.

Three weeks had passed since the death and it was the beginning of football. The whole first night was a benefit for Adam and his family to help with his death. Annie was at the game and she was the only one that noticed the ghost of Adam walking up and down the sidelines, So Annie ran down to the sidelines to see if it was Adam. When she got down to the field she saw the ghost and it ran up to her. It was Adam and she was so happy to see him, she missed him so much because he was such a big part of her life.
Adam couldn’t speak to her but Annie could read his lips. Annie asked Adam what happened and he said he was murdered, she asked if he knew who it was and Adam couldn’t tell her who it was because it was too dark out. She sat and talked to Adam for the whole game and when it was time to go she told her parents that she was going to a friend’s house for the night, but instead of going to a friend, but she stayed at the field and talked to her brother for the whole night. She asked him questions about his death and what happened.
Adam couldn’t tell her much only that he was murdered and was told that he would stay on this field for the rest of eternity. So he could watch every football game that was ever played on this field, but Adam was scared because he doesn’t know what to do and how he will be able to stand living his whole life by the football field. He showed her where he stays and what he does during the day. Adam also said the only ones that love you will be able to see you. That is why Annie was able to see him. Annie cried the whole night because she felt so bad for him. Adam told Annie not to worry about him because as long as she can see him he has nothing to worry about, and that he will be there for as long as she lives.
So as the years go on Annie goes to the same spot once a week to see Adam. As she ages Adam stays the same, Annie based her whole life in that town to stay close to Adam. She even took online college classes to make sure she could see him every week. The day came that Annie got old and sick. While she was in the hospital with cancer she was given a week to live and on the last day of her life she told the doctors to bring her out to that spot so she could be with her brother. The same time Annie died Adam was released from his hold to stay in that one spot and spent the rest of eternity with Annie in Heaven.

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