Zombie Land

May 3, 2012
By kalleydashner BRONZE, Sherburn, Minnesota
kalleydashner BRONZE, Sherburn, Minnesota
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One capon a time in Zombie land, you might think that this story is going to be scary and full of Zombies. Well you’re wrong. In this Zombie land, there are unicorns, leprecons, and Perry the Platypus; everything you could imagine. You’re probably guessing on what Zombie land looks like. Well everything is edible and there is lots of glitter everywhere. Now the people are very nice and sweet, they are just like sour patch kids. Enough about the land, let’s get to the story. There was a girl named Margo, who was made of green and red skittles. She worked at Wal-Mart, her best friend Perry the Platypus works at the Subway at Wal-Mart. One day, they were walking together to go to work. On their way to work, they came across a strange road.
They looked at each other with a weird look on their face. ”I’ve never seen this road before”-said Margo. Then Margo got a weird feeling. She thought that they should follow it. So Margo started walking on the strange road, and didn’t say anything to Perry. Perry just stood there, scratching head with a weird feeling. So Perry followed Margo, he had to fun just to catch up with her, and when he did he was out of breath and really tired. They didn’t say anything to each other for awhile. Then, couple minutes later, Perry told Margo that they should go back, because they have to be to work in ten minutes. Margo said “nah, I want to see were this road leads to”. So they kept walking.
Then they started to see more glitter. Then, they saw something coming straight down at them from the sky. It was a flying unicorn named Charlie. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing; they were standing still with a blank expression. Charlie told them to follow him. They didn’t say one word they just listened. They were all very quiet, didn’t say much to each other. As they were walking they came across a bridge, Charlie told them to walk across the bridge. So they did what he said to do. When they got across the bridge, Margo and Perry had a weird look on their faces. Margo asked what they were post to do now.
Charlie responded follow they candy cane path, and it will bring you to a cave. So they followed the path, and it leads them to a Candy Mountain. They thought they were going crazy, but it was the real Candy Mountain. Perry was real excited, and so was Margo. That did they didn’t show up to work. They moved into the Candy Mountain, and were never seen again. Yes they did lose their jobs, but they didn’t care, because they now were living in Candy Mountain.

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