Escape and Creation

May 2, 2012
By LanniKay BRONZE, Riverside, California
LanniKay BRONZE, Riverside, California
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Ever the outcast, Ameena long forgot the notion of being accepted. For years she had strove to make peace with herself after the centuries she spent being tormented by the petty, worthless gods of her homeland, Vusupris. These gods had become fat on the prayers and praises from their human charges and forgot the nobility that made them gods in the first place.

Ameena was the unwanted child of a demigod and a shape shifter. Her parents coupled out of wedlock as such a marriage would never have been allowed on their homeland. In the eyes of the Vusupris gods at least, this made Ameena less than a mere mutt, she was a disgusting creature that went against nature and deserved only death. However, due to the demigod status of her father, Ameena had divine blood in her veins - essentially making her immortal. The only option the merciless gods saw was to torment Ameena at every turn, not only with physical beatings, magical enchantments that caused horrible pains to wrack her fragile frame but also intense verbal harassment. The latter of the three was what truly broke down her spirit.
The spirit, after a particularly rough beating at the hands of Cinna (Vusupris god of fire and cupcakes), finally had had enough. Under the cover of nightfall, after Shelia the moon goddess, had gone to the bed of Ghirahim - god of clouds and thunder - Ameena left Vusupris in search of a place she could find peace with herself and be protected.

During her search that lasted over a century, Ameena discovered her blood status didn't just brand her with the title of "Mutt Bastard" but actually gifted a number of remarkable traits to our young hero.

With the blood of a shape shifter as well as that of a half-god, Ameena possess the ability to switch her race at will. Upon her realization of this biological trait, Ameena eagerly shed the form she was forced to maintain in Vusupris. The translucent blue skin and frail wings of the Vusupris were nothing more than annoyances compared to the utter disdain she felt towards the inability of her former body to tolerate sunlight and red meat; two things so desired by the shape shifter within her.
To compensate for all the years spent denying her impulses while still possessing a form that could support her immortality, Ameena transformed her body into a distinctly unique race all her own.
The strength, ferocity and beauty of vampirism fascinated her to no end. However the inability of this race, much like her former, to tolerate sunlight and meat led to only one possible outcome, combine races.

Ameena spent years perfecting her mismatch of bodies until she finally got it right. The form she now resides in has all the strength, beauty, and finesse of a vampire, the enhanced vision of a Vusupris, and the durability and insatiable appetite of her mother's people, the shape shifters. Her coal black hair is a trademark of the shape shifter race while her eyes, also the color of the darkest night, are the only remnants of her life at Vusupris she chose to maintain. Her skin more thoroughly resembles a human's with its smooth, milk and honey complexion. Her height is another human aspect Ameena chose to adopt, standing a few inches shorter than her Vusupris form at an unremarkable 5'8".

This agreeable appearance won her many admirers though none captured her affections in return. That isn’t to say she was without lovers. Ameena frequently kept “pets”, as she referred to them, mainly humans though occasionally other species as well, with whom she’d share her bed when hunting and lounging bored her. This existence of using others for her own gain and only holding relationships when she was in need of entertainment suited her greatly. Without any honest emotions to speak of (her years of torture long since burned them away) Ameena was free to do as she pleased and follow her impulses completely.

These impulses soon led her to demise however as she tasted temptation and died.
The End.

The author's comments:
This was originally a character biography for a roleplay that I participate in. (Very nerdy, I'm aware.) I modified the ending however to leave it less open ended. Ameena's original story is far from over however and I'd love to be able to share it once it is completed.

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