April 30, 2012
By Anonymous

“O look there is butterfly, over there!” I said “I know.” Said Gabriela with an incuriosity voice. “Is just that this is so boring and you know.”

Well to
introduce you my name is Melissa. My friend’s names are Gabriela, Blair,
Crystal, and Janette. Gabriela is funny but sometimes she gets bored to easy.
Blair well to be honest she is, let’s just special. She tells these
stories about her trying to beat her little brother at speaking Spanish. That
is really funny. Crystal a good friend and looks series but is she really cool.
Janette, well she tries to act sort of cool. Well she is my friend but I don’t
really feel like she wants to be my friend.

said Janette. When I turn around I see two guys out of nowhere. Then they came
closer, and said “Come with us.” I have to admit they were cute, but something
looked suspiciusout them. Somehow it didn’t look or sounded right, at all. I
glance around to see the faces of my friends. They all looked like they just
saw God or something really awesome. “Really guys, you’re not going with them?
Right?” I don’t even think they were listening to me. “Well I don’t know about
you guy, but I’m going! I don’t know if any of you guys want to come?” said
Janette. No one answer. “Oh, come on are you all chickens!” she said in a voice
that I really didn’t like. “Janette if we go we are going to get in really big

Chapter 2
We entered
the building and looked inside to see if there was someone alive. I heard a
something in the closet. I think my friends did too because e they started
heading to they looked at me than at the closet. The panting of the person was
getting louder every time I took a step. “Do you think we should look inside?”
Said Gabriela. “Why not said” said Blair. “Okay then” Gabriela took her
arm out and turned out the knob. “Really!” I said. I don’t know why I said
that. It was this 15 year old guy. He was trembling and was sweeting. He had
scratches on his face and arms. Then there was silence. The only thing we could
hear was the, hard breathing of the teenager. Then after a long moment I open
my mouth to talk. “What happened?” I said not knowing what else to ask him. He
is still trembling. Then he opens his mouth but nothing comes out of it. After
two long minutes he stands up. I can’t wait anymore so I decide to start
walking to the door. “Wait!” I hear behind me. It wasn’t one of my friends it
was him. Then I look back at him. “You can’t go outside that door.” “Why” I
ask. “Because they’re outside” he says it like someone will hear us
“Who’s outside?” says Crystal. “You won’t believe me if I tell you” “Yes we
will” I said. I try to take out the most sensitive tone I could. But I sounded
ridiculous. He looks at me like I’m lying. Then I smile at him. I’m so stupid.
“Okay. So the teachers were outside talking. I was inside cleaning. When I hear
a thump at the door. First I thought it was a kid playing around, but at the
corner of my eye I see something red. It-it-it was blood.” We could all see the
horror in his face. “At that moment I didn’t know what to do. I went
closer to the door and saw the teachers outside. They were....... dead. They
were quartered.” I heard crystal gasp. “Who will do such a thing?” she said. “I

don’t think
it was a who.” “Wait, what?” I blurred out. “Are you
saying this wasn’t a person?” He nodded. Now, this was getting weird. “You see,
this is what I mean. You guys don’t believe me.” “Just keep going.” said
Gabriela, ignoring what he said. “Well I don't know if you guys remember, but 3
years ago there was this kid who was 12 years old. He lived in this town. He
only lived with his dad. His dad was a scientist. But unfortunately he died.
When he died he left a lot of stuff and experiments behind and the only one to
take care of them was his son. He figured out that his experiments were
creating something new. He thought he could become famous or rich. Somehow the
he police and other scientist knew what he had. He had created..... Well les
just say monsters. Now the police and scientist were looking for him. Before
they could get him, he had run away. Now everyone was looking for him because
he was dangers.” I don’t really remember this story. Maybe because I don’t put
attention to the news. “And how is this connected to what just happened.”
Crystal blurted out. “Well I think I know where he is hiding. He is hiding in
this forest.” we all look at each other. “Let’s look for a phone so we could
call for help.” We started looking around. The I go up to him “What’s your name?” I ask, blushing. Not knowing why. “Jayson.” “Oh okay” “And yours?” “Mine is Melissa.” I say. After looking for a good time, I see Gabriela “Do you think he is telling the
truth?” asked Gabriela said. “I think he is.” “Okay then.” she said it with a
worried face. After a long time of looking for a phone, we find one but it was out of service. “We have to get out of here.” said Blair. “Let’s look for some tools so we can get out. “Said Gabriela. “Ok” I answer. “I found a broom.” said Blair laughing ‘Blair.” “Okay, okay.” after finding something we tried to get out but they were everywhere. We try making a plan but it was hard.

Chapter 3
Night came and we were still stuck inside. I could see Blair with a worried face. Well, we were all worried, but her face looked different. Not in that way. “Blair is there something wrong? Well besides this.” I asked “Well not really. I have to confess you something.” We all look at each other. “What is it?” asked Crystal. “Well I don’t know if you guys will believe me but I have like this power.” she looks at our confused faces. “You see you won’t believe Me.” she said “No, just keep on going.” said Gabriela. “Okay. When I was little I figured out that I could do karate but, like, really good.... karate.” she said. “I do believe you.” said crystal. “I also have super powers. I can... see in the dark.” “Really!” said Gabriela. “I can, well I know what the person is going to do next in that instant. Well is more like, things become in slow motion and then yeah.” she said with an exited voice. “Well I don’t have powers. No just kidding. I can.... run really fast and can do math and equations in my head really fast. Is like a board of math just comes right in front of my eyes describing every object I see.” I said “wow, wow. Wow, come down guys. I don’t have powers and I’m cool like this.” he said trying to act cool after what just happened. “Yeah right. Just kidding.” I said, just trying to mess around. “Hey is not funny.” I role my eyes, trying to act like I don’t care and I don’t. “And why didn’t you tell us that before?” said Jayson “ Well because our parents told us that we were not supposed to tell anyone, because that could get our life’s in danger.” said crystal. And she was right. Our parents told us not to tell anyone. “Oh that makes sense” said Jayson “Okay now we should start heading out.” said Blair with an apprehensive voice.

Chapter 4

Now we were outside, trying to make as little noise as possible. Then Crystal stepped on a stick. “ Upps.” she said. But it was too late. One of the creatures had seen us. “Get ready” said Jayson. Now we were surrounded. “Let’s get this game started.” I say. And it was on. It was harder for us to fight because we didn’t have the good equipment, but we tried our best. After a long time we are finish. We won the game this time. “Shhh” I said. “I hear something coming, from over there.” I point to the trees. We all prepare. But to our surprise it was Janette. “Where were you?” “It’s a long story” She had scratches on her arm and face just like us. “Guys look, I have these” she hands us this phones. “Why do we need phones?” I ask. “Well is not any kind of phone. Is more like a weapon. It actually converts to a sword.” she said “Man that’s awesome” said Blair with a giggle “I made them.” “Really. That’s really cool. Man I didn’t know you could do that. Oh, I forgot this is Jayson. Jayson, this is Jennet.” “Hi” said Jayson. Jennet only waved and smiled. “We should start finding a way out of this place” said crystal. “We should stay together.” said Jayson “Okay” I said. But I felt weird, because he was looking at me different. “What?” I ask him. I was blushing. I’m glad it was dark because then they would had notice. “Nothing, sorry.”

Chapter 5

Now we have started walking. I see Gabriela coming by my side and she whispers to my ear, “He likes you.” she says with a giggle. “No he doesn’t.” I say. Then she looks at me smiling. “What?” I said, almost screaming “Well, I’m just saying.” she said, trying to calm things down.

After a long time of walking we decided to stop and rest. The night was cold and we only had the light of the round moon. “I’m going to look for some sticks so we start a fire.” said Gabriela. It wasn’t a minute in till I hear a scream. “Gabriela!” I scream. I run as fast as I can, trying to fallow her voice but is too late. She was nowhere to be found.

We all stand in silence. Everyone is watching me. Then we all hear a noise behind to bushes. We stand still, and then we get into our position. “Wait. Don’t do anything. I won’t harm you.” he said. It was a man on his forty’s. “I know where they are taking her.” “Who are they” I ask. They are called, and they are taking it to their master.” he says. “How do we get there?” I ask. After he gave us map Monsterous and showed us were the place was we all start running. “Thank you.” I say. Then when getting there we stop and look around for a Monsterous. We go inside of the building. The place was decorated with gold. “Man! He’s rich man” said Jayson. “Shhh.” I said. Looking inside we look for Gabriela. I thought it was going to be years in till we found her but fortunlly we found her on the second room we were searching. “ We have to get out of this place and fast.” After trying getting out we run as fast as we can. When we get back to the park we find cops. They were waiting for us. When I always saw the bright red, blue lights I felt sick. But Now I felt a relief in me. We all told them what had happened and they limitedly when to go find them. It was cold and they had brought us hot coco. Then Jayson comes up to me and I smile at him. “So” he says. “So” I reply back. “Would we be in touch?” he says. “Yeah, sure.” I say. I smile and try to lough but it doesn’t come out. “What’s so funny?” He says looking at me noticing that I want to lough. “Nothing. Give me your phone, then.” I say. “Okay.”

I will say this has been the greatest experience in my life and I would never forget them. I hope to have something exiting like this again.

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