The End

April 29, 2012
By Jtylercooley BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
Jtylercooley BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
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The government knew it was going to happen; they even built vaults all over the country to protect families. Each vault could hold hundreds of people to save them from the upcoming apocalypse. But of course the government charged a ridiculous amount of money to house people in the vaults. It took everything I had ever earned to be able to purchase a spot in the vault for my daughter. Our neighbors at the time had promised to look after my daughter while in the vault. They promised to try and find us if we happened to survive the falling bombs, but we all figured we wouldn’t.

My wife and I took our daughter to the vault two weeks before the bombs fell. After, my wife and I headed to my brother’s; he had built a shelter in his backyard that he had been preparing for years. The shelter was loaded with water, food, guns, ammo, and other necessary equipment. My brother had also put a television set in case there was any news that had a chance of reaching us.

Of course we didn’t stay in that god forsaken hole any longer then we had to. We lived with my brother for the few days before the bombs had dropped. We watched the news every day for almost 12 hours a day. We were hoping to hear that the terroristic country would call off their nukes so in turn our allies and we could call off our bombs. But of course good news never came. The day before the bombs were to be dropped, we were watching a riot outside of a vault; it was the vault our daughter was in. Of course these riots weren’t unheard of, they had occurred at almost every vault. People trying to save their families from the dangers ahead, shoving little ones to the front in hopes they would make it. No one ever made it through these vaults were made to withstand the end of the world. But outside of our daughters vault was a riot like to other.
A group of engineers that had built the vault hadn’t made it in time and now were locked out of their own creation. The vault keepers would’ve let them in but this would’ve broken protocol and allowed for the massive group of people outside to swarm in. The doors wouldn’t be able to shut and everyone inside and out, would die. The engineers outside the vault also had an upper hand on the rest of the rioters, they designed the vaults, and they knew how to get in. Hours had passed when the engineers had broken into the vault. They were met by vault officers who had orders to open fire. Bodies started to pile up at the door, however the officers couldn’t hold off the hundreds of people long enough to reseal the doors. The people soon started to flood the vault, killing anyone who stood in their way. They killed one another so they themselves might have a chance to live through the apocalypse. The equipment to run the vault soon became destroyed, and even if the gates could be closed nobody would survive.
My wife turned off the television as she started to break down and cry. I too had tears streaming down my face, but I couldn’t let my sorrow consume me. Final touches had to be done on our shelter for us to better our slim chance for survival. We had a few hours left before we too had to seal off the doors to our makeshift shelter.
When the sirens went off my brother and I were loading the last few boxes into the shelter. A cold chill came over me. In a couple of minutes I would be sealed underground and only god knew how long we would be there or even if we would survive. I hurried to put the box down in the shelter. I had to hurry to find my wife. I ran into the house screaming her name with no reply. I heard a bomb dropped off in the far distance. I screamed once more. I couldn’t find her. Different thoughts ran through my mind. Maybe she was already in the shelter. I ran out the back of the shelter where my brother was holding the door waiting. Another bomb dropped off toward the east. I looked over the top of the house to see a huge mushroom cloud in the distance. Wind from the explosion made a sudden rush towards us ripping shingles and gutters from the house. I then remember being struck in the back of the head and falling to the ground. I reached to the back my head to feel blood squirting out of my head with the pulse of each heartbeat. I then blacked out.
I woke up sometime later strapped to a board in the shelter. I looked around the room in a panic, only to be met by the sorrowful glare of my brother. That told me all I needed to know, that even if survived the end of the world, life would no longer be worth living.

The author's comments:
A story of a man and his family of three in the finanal days of the planet, fight for a chance at survival.

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