Demons of hell

May 5, 2012
By crunkGirl BRONZE, Harvard, Nebraska
crunkGirl BRONZE, Harvard, Nebraska
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"Life isn’t about how popular you are… What girl or boy you are dating or who you know. Life is about always being true to who you are or what you believe in. Never let anyone convince you that their way is better than your way. In the end all we have is our hearts.. and our minds. This is the reason we sing.. this is the reason we cry… this is why we live."

Above us all, lives a demon of h*ll, he feeds on our fears, and lives of our tears. However, to say nothing about his children would be pure disrespect. Be that as it may, they are truly demonic children, and to give them respect would be like worshiping the evil. Then again, where would this world be without them?

These children can feel all the love in the world, and by all means, can see all the hate. However, in their eyes, all they wish to see, is a world that they can make. They would give their all just make each other fly, that is to say, if they can.

Not only do these children want this world to be theirs, they also feel sick to their stomachs when they see what our world has become. Therefore, they unite in a world not their own, just to do what no humans could ever. They re-build theses streets of battle, and they take a stand against all the haters.

So the next time you think you hear a whisper in the dark, Or if in the rain you feel the sparks, make sure to remember, those are the working souls of the demon of h*ll. Because hope is fleeting, only because they are departing in a world they don’t belong.

Until now, this world was there home, a place for the hopeless, and alone. These demonic children only wanted a place to call home. However, the point that is often over looked, is the sull fact that, the humans took away their innocence. They only tore them apart.

So tell me, have you figured out who these children are? Well, can you hear them yet? Take another look, what do you see? Whether it be the world, or not, what do you feel? Tell me, in general, are you alone? Have you come to that reality yet? At this instant, can you hear me?! In reality, every life makes it’s own imitation of immortality.

We make-up horrors to come to peace with the real ones, so, tell me… Who are these children? Well, I’ll make it simple, who’s all insane, but still stays sane? Who reveals the horrors of the real world, that no-one has the nerve to do?

Nonetheless, you’ve must’ve realized it by now. Am I right? Regardless, to what you may think, the answer is, the worlds strongest people, the people who know what pain is, and have stood up to it. These people consist of “Authors,” “poets,” “Directors,” “Writers,” and “speakers.”

Point in fact, these people are different, and have a new way of thinking, whether people agree with it or not is their choice, but we make our own imitation of evil, peace, and love. And that, that’s something only you can decide.

The author's comments:
i feel, that some-one has to speak out for these hidden voices.

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