Journey to the Castle

May 4, 2012
By Alexandra Daley SILVER, Omaha, Nebraska
Alexandra Daley SILVER, Omaha, Nebraska
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Disaster Strikes
The lonely village of Prairie Hills stands still at the top of a mountain. The people scurry around as if the world was ending. On the contrary it is, the people haven’t eaten in weeks and if they did nothing would stay down. An epidemic has out broken the incorrigible influenza. Hearing the word roll off of her tongue as if it was just as worthless as an insect. The townspeople are in dire need of a hero, before it is too late. I ask you Claudius, the god of cats, please consent and facilitate the story of Emmy Emerson to be told.

Emmy Emerson
Sitting abandoned in the crook of town lies Emmy Emerson, a beautiful, strong, sixteen year old girl sits at the washbasin cleaning clothes when she overhears a loud clangor. She runs to the town square only to find her brother Edward standing in the stocks. She trembles and feels weak in the knees, but she stands tall and proceeds. She then realizes all eyes are intensified and looking straight at her. She marched up to the commander standing in front of her brother, and told him to release Edward. He laughed, and smacked her across the face. Again she demanded he be unchained and released. Only this time the Commander looked at her eyes in a pathetic manner and stated that he had no choice or it would be his neck. She slapped him and said that he was a cowardly, spineless man who acted as a dog cowering down to his master. He screamed and said that everyone was dying and no way to stop it. He looked down at her and gave a pitiful smile, and released Edward to her. Emmy then exclaimed to the whole town that she would set off to find the vaccine to this wicked epidemic with troops to accompany her because they released her brother.

The Castle
Emmy was told by Claudius that the vaccine could be found in the Witherspoon Castle. It would be a long and treacherous journey that would risk many lives. Emmy set off on what would be the most risky odyssey of her life. She decided to bring along Louis and Maddie her two good friends along with Edward her older brother.

Tulip Tormenters
Maddie leapt off the ship and onto the beach She stepped cautiously when walking
Then they latched on to her like a leech
She heard her name, something was talking
Maddie ran and hid thinking it was done
The tulips then arose, taking her over
A scream rang out, then out came the sun
Emmy ran to hold her icy hand and wept

Deadly Goddesses
Emmy mourned the death of her best friend Maddie and proceeded on to save her village. Louis suggested taking a short cut to cut time off their travels. They all agreed and walked through the Rockbrook Road only to stumble across the Greek goddesses. There stood Hera, Aphrodite, and Persephone. They offered us a place to sleep for the night; Louis responded without a thought in mind and agreed. Edward and Emmy thought it was a terrible idea, due to the naivety of them in comparison to the goddesses. Aphrodite jerked Louis aside and asked him to kill Emmy while she was fast asleep. He was overtaken by her beauty and persuasion, and reluctantly approved. Emmy was asleep near a brook when Louis came behind her and awoke her with a shake warning her to run away. Just at that moment in time Aphrodite shot an arrow through his back. Louis dropped dead resting on Emmy. Edward sprang into action, picked up Emmy and fled the scene. They ran off into the night, barely getting out of the grasp of the goddesses.

The Underworld
Little did Emmy and Edward know that in all the craziness they managed to hurt Persephone? Hades was not pleased and was just as upset as a rainy day. He located Edward and Emmy and pulled them down to the gates of the Underworld. The Cerberus was there to greet them. They entered and were surprised to see a calm Hades standing in his lair. Emmy greeted him with a firm handshake and a polite how are you? Hades then threatened them with staying with him forever. Emmy kept herself controlled but Edward struggled and was grasping Hades by the neck. Edward was very intimidating but was lacking self control and anger management. Hades called for something in a unusual language, and a fire broke out in the middle of the floor showing images of our village bursting up in flames. Emmy escaped a shriek as Hades was smirking and laughing to himself. Hades flashed them out of his lair and into a village near Rockbrook Road.

Attack of the Tornadoes
Emmy cautiously walked down the pathway of the seemingly abandoned village. Then a muffled cry erupted from the bushes. There sat a homely looking young boy covered in dirt and ashes. He suddenly screamed something called a tornado and ran off screaming like a maniac. Edward started to run also, but Emmy grabbed her sword and started walking into the spinning cyclone of doom. Standing in the eye of it was sure enough- Hades. He smiled mischievously and then dissipated into the strong winds. The tornado kept pushing her back but she continually got back up in a fighting stance. The mass destruction was enormous and rising. The rate of mortality was climbing and Emmy was unsure of what she was to do. She swiftly slide through the cyclone and stuck her sword into the middle of the tornado. Edward understood her scheme and was chucking stones at the tornado with the rest of the villagers. Hades soon realized their power and vanished into the thin air. Hades never bothered Emmy again.

Witherspoon Castle
Emmy bounding up the hill when the Castle came into view, Edward followed slowly still sore from all his injuries. Emmy started to look for a loose brick when the Castle came alive and picked her up and asked her to join the gods. Emmy spat out a muffled giggle and replied with a harsh no. It became angry and threw her to the ground. She writhed and winced at the pain. Edward ran to her only to be surrounded by a ring of fire. Emmy called for the troops whom she had begged to stay in the woods out of sight. They sprinted from cover to be shot down then an electric brass gate standing seventy feet tall popped out of the ground burning and slaying many of the troops. Emmy reached for her sword but if became a pen. She clicked the cap off and it became a crossbow, her ideal weapon. She shot it at the heart of the Castle it settled down in the ground and a single brick was left with a bottle stuck in the inside of it.

That night she was visited by Athena in her dreams. Athena warned her that the village was practically unpopulated and bodies were in chaotic piles throughout the village. She also said that Poseidon would be trapping her in the sea if she sailed back and Zeus was waiting for his moment to attack. Athena programmed this into Emmy’s brain and left her to think about it. Emmy brainstormed an idea of splitting the troops into three groups and then diverting attention from one route to get back to the village. Emmy knew it would cause many deaths and tried to keep the troops out of her mind. She needed to save the village from disappearing completing. Risking lives was the only clear solution to saving lives.

The Diversion
Emmy stood up and looked into the sky asking Athena for the power to get the vaccine to her people. The troops were split up few following Emmy and Edward. The ship set sail, and troops marched into the fake battle arena. Emmy’s troops slyly crawled through the woods rapidly, making it halfway there. Emmy heard cannons erupting and arrows hitting targets. She felt like a proud mother watching her troops fight with dignity and honor. Emmy spotted the village and stood near Edward.

The Vaccine
When Emmy arrived the commander met her and snatched the vaccine calling for immediate action. Emmy thanked Athena, and ran to the town square to see all the people lining up to receive the injection of the vaccine. Emmy was required to take it, wincing as it was pumped into her blood magically healing all her wounds and scars. Prairie Hills returned to normal and Emmy remembered the sacrifices made in order for these people to live. Maddie and Louis both died tragically helping Emmy live to fulfill her duty to her village.

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