April 24, 2012
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“I can’t believe we waited this long,” A woman complained to the man walking beside her as she rubbed her huge stomach affectionately. “I mean it’s not like we’re buying a car, it’s our child we’re talking about!”
The man sighed and pushed back his brown hair as he glanced at his wife’s pregnant belly, “We didn’t have enough money until now,” he explained for the hundredth time.
She shook her head, “We shouldn’t have bought the house.”
They had argued this subject out long before now and they said the same lines every time but this going to be the last time. Today they were going to buy a soul.
“Welcome! How may I help you today?” The nice woman behind the counter chirped as the bells on the door indicated the couple’s entrance.
“We’re looking for a soul,” The wife’s smile was big as she added, “the best one you have!”
Her husband sighed again, “The cheaper the better, please,” he corrected as he gave a tired look in his wife’s direction again. He was starting to get annoyed that she couldn’t understand that they didn’t have enough money, especially since she didn’t work.
The saleswoman smiled knowingly at the man as she led them through the shop of all the different colored and shaped souls offered. Finally, they arrived at the back of the store where rows of square souls were lined up, “These are the cheapest souls,” she gestured. “Underneath each one is a pamphlet of what to expect and their number so you can match up their soul mate with them.”
The wife looked up at her husband and smiled with love saved only for him, “We’re soul mates,” She confided to the other woman.
The saleswoman smiled, “I assumed you were, considering you were having a baby and all.” She was talking about their wedding bands. Couples couldn’t get married unless they were soul mates. It caused too much trouble later on when or if they had gotten married otherwise and later met their soul mate.
The wife ignored the woman’s answer and turned to her husband, “What about that one?” Pointing to a small square one that was labeled “Crystal/Damon”
“How much is it?” The husband asked as he picked up the pamphlet and they glanced over it together:
Crystal/Damon (#15684587)
-Soul Mate is Alice/Tristan
-Good with children
-Hates cooking
-Makes friends easily
-Always honest
-Matures at young age
-Very loyal
-Makes and keeps long lasting relationships
-Creative in writing and drawing
The pamphlet went on but they stopped reading it as the saleswoman replied, “2,100 dollars.”
“That cheap?” The couple asked shocked, they couldn’t find anything wrong with Crystal/Damon.
The saleswoman shrugged, “Usually when it’s this cheap it means that the soul mate will bring them down.”
“I don’t care, let’s get this one!” the wife pleaded with her husband.
He glanced at the soul and almost asked to see the pamphlet for Alice/Jenson but decided not to at the last minute. This soul was just the price that they could afford and this was just the kid they wanted. “We’ll take it.”
The saleswoman smiled broadly, pleased with their choice, “I’ll need to know which hospital and doctor will be attending you during the pregnancy so the correct soul will be injected into the newborn.”
“Of course,” The husband replied and told her the information and paid for the soul as his wife rummaged around the million dollar soul. He was afraid that she would come back and say she wanted one of those but instead she came back with a calm smile and a hand on her stomach.
“Crystal is perfect,” she whispered as they walked out the store.
The husband smiled down at his wife, relief in his voice, he leaned down and kissed the top of her head, “You mean Damon.” She playfully bumped into them as they began strolling hand-in-hand down the street.

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kimberdawn said...
Apr. 27, 2012 at 8:59 am
Interesting... I enjoyed whole-heartedly. 
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