Dragonfly Adventures

April 24, 2012
By josh monnot BRONZE, Deer Park, Wisconsin
josh monnot BRONZE, Deer Park, Wisconsin
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I’m hungry, thought the bird, when he saw this big huge dragonfly fly by him. The bird went after the dragonfly and started to chase him down.
“You’re not going to catch me!” said the Dragonfly.
“I’ve caught all your friends what makes you think you won’t end with the same fate.” The Bird replied.
“You will see!” the Dragonfly giggled to himself.
Then the bird started to get angry and fly faster, but the dragonfly was still just a little too fast for the bird to catch. The Dragonfly started to slow down and did not feel safe in the area he had lead the bird to.
“I’m out of here!” screeched the Bird.
The dragonfly thought about what to do, and he couldn’t turn around or he would be lunch for the bird, but if he didn’t he would be lunch for whatever was lurking in the place he had lead himself.
“What brings you to these parts traveler?” A low tone in the bushes said.
“I was trying not to get eaten by that huge bird.” said Dragonfly.
“I remember when I used to have to run from those infernal beasts.”
“Used to?” the Dragonfly thought aloud.
The creepy low tone came out of the trees, and the bird looked to see what was there.
“Why are you so big?” the Dragonfly asked.
“I found the pond of enchantment, and this is what it did.”
“I thought that was only a myth.”
“It sure isn’t, I have the map and everything.”
“But why did it make you so big?”
“It lets you make one wish and then it will make the one wish come true. That’s why I am the biggest butterfly around these parts.”
“Well do you think you could bring me to this pond?”
“I guess I could, I really don’t do anything anymore.”
“We will leave now. Just to warn you this is a very dangerous adventure you’re about to take.”
“I can handle it.” the Dragonfly laughs.
The butterfly takes off deeper into the forest with the dragonfly flying close behind.
“So what do you think we have to worry about back here?” asked the Dragonfly.
“Giant snakes and spiders, oh yeah also the guardian of the Pond.”
“Who’s the guardian of the pond?”
“A very mean old owl, he’s not very fast anymore but he still can see everything, and I mean everything. It’s scary and freaky so that will probably be our main concern.”
“Have you thought of a plan to get around this owl?” asked the Dragonfly.
“Not yet, but him and I don’t get along very well.” replied the butterfly.
“Why is that?” asked the Dragonfly.
“Because I’m the only one who has gotten pass him and actually gotten to the pond.” the Butterfly said.
“So you’re like a legend!” exclaimed Dragonfly.
“I wouldn’t go that far, I just got lucky where most didn’t get lucky.” the Butterfly said.
“Alright were almost there so we’re going to set up camp and think of a game plan.” the Dragonfly said.
The Dragonfly just sat back and watched the giant butterfly set the camp up in the trees he made a small fire on a branch; the dragonfly was very surprised he could do that. The Dragonfly thought only man could do that.
“How did you make that fire?” asked the amazed Dragonfly.
“Magic, young one.” replied the big butterfly.
“So what’s the game plan for tomorrow?”
“I’m going to deal with that stupid owl, and you just get to the pond. That Owl and I have some unfinished business to take care of.”
“Alright sounds good to me.”
“We should go to bed so we have plenty of sleep for tomorrow it’s going to be a big day, so good night.”
“Yeah good idea, goodnight” the Dragonfly yawned.
The next morning when the Dragonfly got up, he noticed that the butterfly was up and getting everything ready.
“Why are you up to early?” the Dragonfly asked.
“I couldn’t sleep, are you ready to go?” replied the big Butterfly.
“Ready when you are.”
They took off from camp and arrived on the edge of the bushes and the beginning of the open area is where the pond was.
“Let me go first!” said the Butterfly.
The giant butterfly charged. The Dragonfly was confused on what was happening. Then he remembered that he had to go the pond while the Butterfly kept the Owl busy. It didn’t work the Owl came straight at the dragonfly and threw him into the rock and he fell in the pond.
“NO!” yelled he Butterfly.
“Your next!” shrieked the Owl as he charged the Butterfly.
“Your days are over.” The Butterfly yelled.
They clashed and clashed until the Butterfly couldn’t take the beating anymore and fell down to the ground.
“Looks like you didn’t wish to be big enough now did you?” laughed the evil Owl.
In the corner of the pond something huge bigger than anything the Butterfly has ever seen was coming out. It was the Dragonfly he charged and slammed the owl until the owl gave up and the Dragonfly ate him.
“Are you ok?” asked the Dragonfly
“You have to be the guardian now!” said the not so big anymore Butterfly before he died.
The dragonfly stopped, and thought about what an honor it was for him to be the guardian now. But he wasn’t going to be like the owl, he was going to be nicer and not kill anyone or anything. He was going to be the nicest guardian in the world and let everyone have a chance at the pond if they are good and not evil.

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