Green Death

April 23, 2012
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Two men by the names of Dr. Brown and Dr. Stevens were in Indonesia. They were researching cancer and the affect of their antidote on monkeys. A few of the locals told the two scientists that a few of the local men had disappeared and hadn’t returned from their hunt the previous night. Dr. Stevens, being the adventurous type, volunteered to go look for the men. Dr. Brown, being somewhat of a coward, decided to stay and continue the research. After packing and acquiring a brave and reliable guide named Guantope, Dr. Stevens and Guantope set off to investigate. After hiking for what seemed like days, the two men finally arrived at the hunting spot where the men had disappeared. The men were looking around and trying to find any clues. Suddenly Dr. Stevens hears a high pitch scream and turns to find that Guantope has disappeared. He steps forward about three steps and feels the earth giving way underneath him and finds himself falling into complete darkness.
Dr. Brown and Dr. Stevens are two very famous scientists all throughout the world. They have cured everything from the flu to diabetes. The only illness that the two can’t seem to find a cure to is cancer. This is what brings these men to Indonesia. While testing in their lab on July 18, 2025 they had a break through. They were testing an antidote they had just created on a rat with cancer. Within 72 hours the rat was tested and the cancer had vanished. The two scientists decided to go to Indonesia to test this antidote on monkeys since monkeys are the closest primate to humans. Some of the locals even gave them permission to test on them because they would try anything to get rid of the cancer. So the two men hopped on a plane and arrived three days later in Indonesia excited and anxious.
Dr. Stevens was falling down into pure darkness. He was unaware that the ground was coming up fast or that he was screaming. He felt a terribly hard impact as if he had just been hit by a train. He was unable to move for what felt like hours. When he was finally able to move and walk, he got up and tried to examine his surroundings the best he could. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a huge black figure laying about thirteen feet away from him. The figure was completely motionless. Dr. Stevens decided to walk over and find out what it was. It wasn’t until the figure started groaning did he realize that it was Guantope. There was no way out of this hole and Dr. Stevens wasn’t about to leave his guide behind so he set up camp and tried the best he could to help Guantope with the supplies he had.
Dr. Brown was examining patients for hours now. All of the patients seemed to tell him the same stories about an illness that they called the Green Death. Now the Green Death was an illness that literally turns the person infected with it, green. No one knew how you got it or how to get rid of it. Dr. Brown decided to put his cancer research on hold and try to find a cure for the Green Death. He decided to keep a research journal of his patients and their symptoms.

July 22, 2025
Antuan Guestiepe age: 15
Day 1: Fever and bad nausea
Day 2: 102 degree temperature and nausea has turned into a green goop that smells rotten. When the patients threw up, the green goop burned a whole into the bottom of the bucket.
Day 3: The patient has turned a horrible green color and when touched, his skin feels mushy.
Day 4: Patient died at 3:02 p.m. and was completely green and when I performed autopsy, the patient’s internal organs were green and actual slim.

July 23, 2025
Andolina Guastophine age: 7
Day 1: Fever and bad nausea
Day 2: 102 degree temperature and nausea is once again green goop that burned a hole in the bottom of the bucket.
Day 3: The patient’s skin has turned into a green mushy state.
Day 4: Patient has died at 3:07 p.m. and her internal organs were once again slime.
Dr. Brown realized that each patient died on the fourth day at around 3 o’clock. This was an epidemic and if not stopped would wipe out this village and many more. He was so caught up in is research that he did not realize that Dr. Stevens hadn’t returned from his outing. He decided that if Dr. Stevens had not returned by morning that he and some men would go and look for him.
By some miracle, Guantope had made a full recovery by morning and was up and ready to go before Dr. Stevens. They both decided to continue through the cave until they reached a dead end or found a way out. Suddenly they both saw a very bright light coming out of one of the tunnels. Thinking is was the way out they both start running toward the tunnel. When they reached the end of the tunnel they found that the source of the light was a hole in the wall just big enough for the men to squeeze through. Dr. Stevens headed for the hole first only to find himself being whipped up with such a violent force that he blacked out. The last thing he saw was Guantope hanging upside down just like himself and then he saw them. And then everything went black.
Dr. Brown was getting ready along with ten other local men to find Dr. Stevens who had not returned yet. Dr. Brown was so scared that his knees were knocking together, but he was going to find Dr. Stevens no matter how scared he was. The men set off before the sun even rose. Everyone was anxious to find the men before anything bad happened to them. When they finally arrived at the hunting site, it was nearly noon. Dr. Brown saw the holes, that Dr. Stevens and Guantope had fallen through, about five steps before he himself would have plumaged into the darkness. They decided to use a rope that was tied to a tree to climb into the hole. All the men got into the hole safely and began exploring the cave. The one thing that they did not know was that they were being watched by more than a hundred beady green eyes.
When Dr. Stevens finally woke up he was no longer dangling from the ceiling, but was lying on the floor along with six other men including Guantope. The men that were with Guantope and Dr. Stevens were the men that had not returned from their hunting almost five nights ago. The men were deathly thin and smelled horrible. Suddenly one of the men, whom Guantope had been holding in his arms, started coughing. It was not normal coughing though, it was the most horrible sounding cough you could ever imagine. Then Dr. Stevens noticed that the young man looked a lot like Guantope. He determined that this was one of Guantope’s little brothers. The young man then started coughing up dark red blood that smelled so horrible that his nose almost curled up. Less than two minutes later the young man went limp in Guantope’s arms and the coughing seized. The men went to sleep that night listening to Guantope’s sobs as he tried to cover up his pain.
When Dr. Stevens woke up he was startled to see a monkey that was guarding the bars outside their tiny room. When he got up he stood up only to have a wave of dizziness sweep over him. When he was able to stand and see he examined the cell more closely. It was about ten feet in diameter and seven feet in height. He walked over to the bars and after it was too late he realized that the bars were made out of bones, human bones. He suddenly became outraged from everything that had happened over the past three nights and began to scream at the monkey as if he could actually understand him.
Dr. Brown led the way with a torch that they had found outside of the cave. When suddenly he heard screaming and recognized Dr. Steven’s voice. He and the rest of his men began running toward the yelling. But when they arrived they saw Dr. Stevens, but he wasn’t yelling at a man or even a human, but a monkey. Dr. Brown and his men were well equipped though and had spears and knives. One of the bravest men out of the pack snuck up behind the monkey and stabbed him in the back. At first the monkey didn’t seem to notice and then suddenly the monkey’s body went limp and began to twitch wildly and exploded into a green goop. Dr. Brown then realized what the source of the Green Death was. It was these monkeys. Dr. Brown picked the lock of the cell with his knife and got all the men out of the cell safely. Suddenly out of nowhere monkeys started coming from every direction. And the war was on.
All the men had to do was keep from being bit by the monkeys and stab the monkeys. The only problem was that there were over two hundred monkeys that are infected with the Green Death and only sixteen men. Somehow though the men managed to kill all of the monkeys. They thought it was all over and began to walk towards the hole in the wall to leave. Suddenly there was a roar and then the ground began shaking. The shacking became more violent and then all of a sudden an ape the size of a truck came thudding out of the tunnel with the escape hole. The scientists both knew that the ape was the main source of the Green Death and needed to be killed in order to save the people of the village and further villages from this epidemic. The ape charged them and almost killed one of the men just by stomping on him. All the men threw the spears at the ape, but that had little effect on bringing down the ape. Dr. Stevens then came up with a plan and told Dr. Brown. Dr. Stevens then charged the ape only armed with a knife while Dr. Brown distracted the ape. Dr. Stevens mounts the ape and climbs up its back onto his neck. Then with one swift move the knife was plunged into the ape’s head. The ape collapsed almost instantly. When the ape hit the ground, there was a grumbling sound and then the ape exploded into a green goop that smelled so rotten it almost made the scientists throw up.
When the men returned after a long and grueling journey from the cave, only three men had died, including Guantope’s brother. When the men entered the village all the wives and children came to hug and thank them and find their father’s. Dr. Stevens later died in a car accident and Dr. Brown died two years later of a brain tumor.
The cave that those men died in has not been visited since. But every now and then people tell of people in other villages near that one in Indonesia have died of The Green Death. There still has never been a cure found for this horrible illness.

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