His Eyes Only

April 22, 2012
By , Lynwood, CA
"Guilty," Julian growled at the peasant before him and his queen. 
"My- m- m- my lord, I'm so very sorry, you see I'm an old fellow, and I couldn't stand being knelt down for so long, much less with my neck cranes down like that," the peasant cried. He was old, noted the queen, he had graying hair and a crooked back, but he was obviously avoiding her look.
"So that gave you permission to-" 
"Julian, let him be. He didn't mean to," his queen defended. 
Julian was filled with rage, "He broke the law Elizabeth. There's consequences here. Isn't that what you're always telling me love? Actions have consequences." 
"He won't do it again Julian, will you sir?" the queen asked.
The peasant looked down and echoed "I won't do it again. I swear my lord." 
"Julian, please."
Julian looked at his queen and sighed, "Alright my love," he said and took her hand. He put her palm against his cheek right before kissing it gently. When he turned back to the peasant he stated, "Off with his head and make sure the whole town sees. The laws will be followed."
The peasant gasped and Julians eyes turned cold. The guards came to take the peasant away and the queen screamed, "Julian be reasonable!" 
His jaw clenched and he repeated "Off. With. His. Head."
"It's a stupid law, he shouldn't die for LOOKING at someone."
"He was looking at MY queen! Love, your only mine, and he had no right looking at you when your only for my eyes." 
"He didn't mean to look at me, nobody can even prove that he did!"
Julian sighed and dropped his head, "You have two choices love. One, kill him off with one quick chop of the head? Or do what I originally had planned which was torturing him mercilessly for days?" 
"Julian," she sighed.
"I spoil you," Julian smiled. "A lot. But not this time darling, I won't stand for this. He'll be dead by tomorrow." 

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